In Obninsk on the site fell Elevator, has died

In Obninsk on the site fell Elevator, has died© Fotolia/ stockphoto mania

The investigation finds out circumstances of the fall of the construction Elevator at the site to elevate the house in the Kaluga region, informs on Friday the regional Department of the RF IC.

«During the construction of a residential building at the intersection of Marx and Lenin Avenue in the city of Obninsk 30 December 2016, there was a falling construction Elevator. As a result, two workers were killed», — stated in the message.

In fact the incident is a procedural check.

«According to preliminary data, there was a gap in the field of welding design, which moved the Elevator. At this moment two men were standing at the Elevator, and the incident fell with the Elevator with a height of 13 floors,» says the investigation.

The investigators establish all the circumstances of the incident. By results of check the procedural decision will be made.