In Venezuela, the freed opposition leader and former presidential candidate Rosales

In Venezuela, the freed opposition leader and former presidential candidate Rosales© RIA Novosti. Dmitry Znamenskiy to the photobank

The Venezuelan government released the opposition leader, former candidate for the presidency of Manuel Rosales and several activists arrested in 2014 during protests against the government, reports the associated Press.

Opposition leader and former candidate for President of Venezuela, Manuel Rosales, was arrested in October 2015 after returning to the country. Rosales, founder of the opposition party «New time», as the Governor was the head of the Zulia state, and in 2006 lost the presidential election to socialist leader Hugo Chavez. In 2009, Rosales was accused of corruption and fled to Peru.

Human rights organizations note that custody remain at least 100 people speaking against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Earlier, Reuters reported that the opposition in Venezuela has ruled out the possibility of a return to talks with Maduro, under the mediation of the Vatican, if the authorities of the Caracas not to make concessions. At the end of October the messenger of the Vatican and the former head of Spain, Panama and the Dominican Republic were able to land the negotiating table with the opposition and the incumbent.

However, opponents of Maduro in December withdrew from the negotiations stating that the government violates the agreements on the admission of humanitarian assistance and the restoration of the authority of the National Assembly, and broke a promise to release political activists to freedom, the Agency said.

The crisis in Venezuela worsened after the start of opposition of the Parliament, currently no working relationship between the legislative and Executive authorities there. The President accused the opposition of trying to «parliamentary coup» and the Parliament, in turn, has alleged a violation of the Constitution by the head of state.