Kaliningrad has built a «tree» of the 94 car and lit it «the garland»

Kaliningrad has built a «tree» of the 94 car and lit it «the garland»© RIA Novosti. N. To amanofpeace the image Bank

Kaliningrad on the eve of the new year for the first time built a «tree» of the 94 cars, the video of the flash mob posted online community of motorists of Kaliningrad.

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  • Home
  • Away
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  • Not welcome in the New year

Resultaten the ground near the Palace of sports «Amber» in Kaliningrad the cars lined up in the shape of a Christmas tree, included «emergency gang», creating a festive illumination. «The Christmas tree» removed from the height and posted a video of the build and the result in the Internet.

«The participants gathered in the community. Traffic police are not attracted to, although they came to the place. The building was prepared in advance, drew a preliminary plan. All on pure enthusiasm and good mood. To build a megaphone not needed, I have a good voice, but to communicate used the walkie-talkie,» — told RIA Novosti one of the organizers, Konstantin Ivannikov.

The participants do not intend to stop there: next year they are ready to collect more vehicles, better prepared, take into account the light and weather conditions.

Earlier it was reported that the biggest in Russia «tree» of machines built motorists in Khabarovsk — 97 cars, the first record was considered to be the action in Chelyabinsk, when it was possible to build in a tree 80 cars.

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