Kiev wants to return convicted in Russia of spying for the Ukrainian

Kiev wants to return convicted in Russia of spying for the Ukrainian© Photo: an Account of the GPU in Facebook

Darnitskiy district court of Kyiv has received a petition for enforcement in accordance with Ukrainian legislation the verdict of the Russian court, which condemned the Ukrainian Valentin vygovskyy to 11 years in prison for espionage, presentation made to the procedure for the transfer of the Ukrainian to his homeland to serve his sentence, according to the Ministry of justice of Ukraine.

In March this year the Supreme court of Russia upheld the verdict of the citizen of Ukraine Valentin Vygovskyy, received 11 years in prison for espionage — convict recruited specialists of the military-industrial complex (MIC) Russia for obtaining secret data. In April, the Ministry of justice of Ukraine sent to Russia the request for the transfer of Vyhovsky in Ukraine for punishment.

«The Ministry of justice adopted the decision on acceptance of the convicted by a Russian court’s Vyhovsky in Ukraine for further punishment on the basis of the Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons of 1983. Now the relevant documents have already been sent in Darnitskiy district court of Kyiv with a request for enforcement of sentence of court of the Russian Federation, which condemned Valentin vygovskyy, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine»,- stated in the message of Ministry of justice.

After receiving copies of court orders Ukrainian Ministry of justice submitted to the Russian Federation information about the decision along with a copy of the court order. With the consent of all the parties will transfer the prisoner.

Vygovsky was detained in 2012, according to the FSB of the Russian Federation, on the Internet, it has attracted employees of the Russian defense industry aviation and space profile to the collection of sensitive data. He was interested in the enclosed technical documentation of the ongoing developments.

Vyhovsky was arrested by the FSB of Russia in the Crimea. During the preliminary investigation, he admitted the facts of the recruitment of Russians and conduct intelligence activities against Russia, said earlier in the FSB.