Persian leopards are planning to settle in Dagestan in 2018

Persian leopards are planning to settle in Dagestan in 2018© RIA Novosti. NewsTeamПерейти the image Bank

The resettlement of endangered Persian leopards in their natural habitat Tlyaratinsky sanctuary in Dagestan, scheduled for 2018, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the head of the government of the Republic of Abdusamad Hamidov.

«Between the Ministry of natural resources of Dagestan and LLC «Glavspetsstroy» signed an agreement providing for the implementation of joint measures to restore the population of Persian leopard in Dagestan. As the solution to all organizational issues the release and resettlement of these animals in their natural habitat is planned in 2018,» said Hamidov.

He noted that, according to experts, Tlyaratinsky sanctuary, which has preserved large tracts of relatively untouched or underutilized lands, is the natural habitat of the species of leopards.

In addition, the reserve is adjacent to the Zakatala reserve in Azerbaijan Lagodekhi in Georgia, the whole forming a single complex habitats with a total area of over 500 hectares, are necessary for reintroduction and recovery of the species.

The area required for enabling coexistence of one individual leopard, is 10-20 thousand hectares.

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