Peskov told, what question Putin, he didn’t know what to say

Peskov told, what question Putin, he didn’t know what to say© RIA Novosti. Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on Friday in the show-program «international Pilorama» has told, how Vladimir Putin question he couldn’t answer and how did you feel.

As said Sands, during the President’s address to the Federal Assembly, the camera caught him with his eyes closed. Before that, responding to a joke about the fact that in various meetings, photographers often caught sand with his eyes closed, he stated that at this point he sets a «maximum concentration» of perception and sometimes he closes his eyes to better understand the meaning of what was said by the head of state.

According to Peskov, in the middle of a presidential address to the Federal Assembly, it is the moment of «maximum concentration». The operator does not have time to clean the camera and it is fixed.

«Two hours later, Putin calls. I was, as expected, stand up, we say, may be, which instructions, commands. He said: «Dmitry, here these points, accents, what do you think they sounded?». I speak: «Vladimir Vladimirovich, this is great, I think this is right on target, it reached the audience.» And after a pause, suddenly asked: «how do you know, Dmitry Sergeyevich?» — said Peskov.

He admitted that he didn’t know what to say: «I began to mumble nervously. And the voice I quietly said, «You slept all the time, Dmitry».

Answering the question, what was the status, Peskov said, «Suicidal.»