Prime Minister of India announced a series of reforms and promised to fight corruption

Prime Minister of India announced a series of reforms and promised to fight corruption© RIA Novosti. Sergey Mamontovaya the image Bank

Prime Minister Narendra modi in his address to the nation several hours before the New year announced a number of socio-economic reforms and vowed to continue the fight against corruption.

Modi launched the appeal with a reminder of the currency reform, launched on 9 November. Then out of circulation in the fight against corruption, dirty money, tax evasion, counterfeiting and sponsor of terrorism from circulation were seized, the largest at that time in denominations of 500 and 1000 rupees, which led to long queues in banks and has hit economic activity, particularly in small and medium businesses.

According to modi, the Indians showed «an unprecedented example of civic self-sacrifice» for the sake of a better future, endure all the difficulties of the initial period of reform. «Everything is done to normalize the functioning of banks in the new year as early as possible. All involved people are instructed to be proactive, to lead to normal banking services, especially in rural and remote areas», he said in the address, broadcast throughout the country.

While modi has made it clear that work on the fight against corruption and tax evasion is far from complete. He cited «information that will make you laugh».

«Only 2.4 million people in the country recognize that their income exceed a million rupees (about 900 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate). Can we take it?» — he said, citing government statistics.

He did not specify whether this income is annual or monthly, but added that «we see big houses and cars around us, in big cities we can find many people with income over one million rupees.» «The debate about what will happen to corrupt, of course. The law will go its own way,» he added, urging all political, including opposition, forces to work together in the fight against corruption.

The Prime Minister also announced a number of socio-economic reforms, which are preparing to implement the government in the coming year. So, what is expanded program of financial aid to expectant mothers. Now it operates less than 100 districts of the country and amounts to 4 thousand rupees (3.6 thousand). Now it plans to expand to 650 districts and to increase payments up to 6 thousand rupees (5.4 thousand). According to modi, this will help to reduce the maternal mortality rate after childbirth.

In addition, modi promised that the rates of contributions of the pensioners in banks are recorded at 8% for deposits for a sum of not more than 750 thousand rupees. The government with certain conditions deliberately to reduce the rate of credit to the poor and people in rural areas are building their own homes. Farmers who have taken loans from certain financial institutions will write off the debt for two months, will also be increased state loan guarantees for small businesses.