Ruble 2016 rose against the dollar by 20.1% to Euro 24.7%

Ruble 2016 rose against the dollar by 20.1% to Euro 24.7%© RIA Novosti. Ilia Petliurite the image Bank

The ruble at the end of 2016 increased by 20.1% against the dollar and by 24.7% against the Euro, according to data from the Moscow exchange. The dollar ended the last trading day on the exchange at around 61,27 ruble, Euro – ruble 64,52, whereas at the end of 2015 courses was of 73.59 rubles and ruble 80.43 respectively.

A record high, the dollar reached on January 21, rising almost to 86 rubles, the Euro then price rose to 93.7 per ruble. These days the depreciation of the ruble compared to the closing last year was about 14% against the dollar and the Euro.

Minimum levels for 2016 was achieved the main reserve currency in December 60,1075 rubles per dollar and 62,46 of ruble per Euro.

Thus, the growth of oil since the end of January and a moderately tight monetary policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation gave a sense of the market players to earn good money, especially if you count not from the end of 2015, and from the highs of January 2016 (86 rubles per dollar and 93.7 rubles per Euro) 33-45,2% growth rate.