Sands answered comic questions of the presenter of the show «the international Pilorama»

Sands answered comic questions of the presenter of the show «the international Pilorama»© RIA Novosti. Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on Friday in the show-program «international sawmill» on NTV answered comic questions of the host Tigran Keosayan.

The host asked Peskov, for which he often uses in speech kantselyarizmami and obscure a wide audience of speech and expression. Keosayan suggested that the press Secretary of the head of state wants to appear smart.

«Of course, about how clever I am, you get the point. I never told you, but now I have to admit it. Indeed, sometimes it is necessary to use sufficiently fine expression, an ornate combination of words, so that my companion can better understand the essence of what I want to Express, without explaining to end the motivation of what is happening,» said Sands.

Responding to the remark that «if the day passed without review Peskov, then, has come to the planet world,» Peskov noted that no one can imagine how flowery he could comment on the coming of peace.

Responding to a joke about the fact that in various meetings, photographers often caught sand with his eyes closed, he stated that at this point he sets a «maximum concentration» of perception and sometimes he closes his eyes to better understand the meaning of what was said by the head of state.

Leading asked Peskov, how he manages to answer questions so that people at all sorry that asked the question. «Indeed, it works enough for years. It depends on your desire to meet someone that way, well, maybe something natural here is,» he said.

Responding to a question about whether there was a Banquet in the Kremlin on the occasion of the victory of Donald trump in the presidential election in the U.S., Peskov joked that «Yes, I walked for three days, tore the accordions».

«Actually, it is, on the one hand, difficult to explain the euphoria in connection with the victory of trump, but, on the other hand, are all so tired, in diplomatic parlance, debilizma happening in our country that any hope for some kind of positive and some constructive is already leading in all the euphoria», he explained.

On the question of whether, if he had to tell the gag, not knowing the position of Putin, Peskov admitted that «sometimes». «But it is unacceptable to speak for themselves when you don’t know substance when you don’t know the basic approach to one problem or another. The President’s strength is his consistency, and this consistency gives the possibility to proceed from some postulates,» said he.

Presenter noted that Putin jokes often, and suggested that he writes a joke. «You know, many people try to write him jokes, but he usually doesn’t use them. Jokes his own, and again, they usually are much smarter than those who are trying it these jokes write,» said the spokesman.