Taiwan will not return to the path of confrontation with mainland China

Taiwan will not return to the path of confrontation with mainland China© Flickr/ 士航 魏

The head of administration of Taiwan Cai Inwang said that in 2017 the local authority will not return to the path of «a confrontation» with mainland China and will not change their «good intentions».

«We promise not to change the position, not to change our good intentions, however, do not give in under certain «pressure», are unlikely to return to the way of confrontation (with China)», — quotes Central news Agency of Taiwan (CNA), the words Cai Inven said it at the event marking the end of 2016.

At the same time, the Chinese foreign Ministry hopes that the US will not allow transit Cai Inven through their territory on its way to Latin America where she scheduled a trip in January, and will also work with Beijing to maintain peace and stability on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Cai Inven plans to visit Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador after the 7th of January, making stops in San Francisco and Houston.

Official relations between the Central government of China and the island province was interrupted in 1949 after defeated in the civil war with the Communist party of China Kuomintang forces headed by Chiang Kai-shek moved to Taiwan. Business and informal contacts between Taiwan and mainland China resumed in late 1980-ies. Since the early 1990-ies, the parties began to communicate through non-governmental organizations, the Beijing Association for the development of relations across the Taiwan Strait and Taipei Fund exchanges across the Strait.