The Bishop of resurrection Church, no need to hurry with the discussion of the canonization of Glinka

The Bishop of resurrection Church, no need to hurry with the discussion of the canonization of Glinka© RIA Novosti. Nina Sociability the image Bank

Death in a plane crash over the Black sea, the head of the charity Fund «Fair aid» Elizabeth Glinka has caused a wide public resonance, particularly in social networks and the media have been repeatedly voiced proposals for its canonization among the Orthodox saints. About how such initiatives are in the Russian Church, in an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti said the vicar of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, the first Deputy head of the Moscow Patriarchate, Abbot of the Novospassky Stavropegial monastery of the city of Moscow Bishop Voskresensky Savva (Mikheyev). Interviewed By Alexey Mikheev.

In respect of Liza Glinka I heard a lot, a lot of good, even that showed yesterday and today in the news, of course, deserves special attention and love for this man. His love of neighbor she shared with everyone. No one will ever forget her car, who distributed humanitarian assistance at Paveletsky station, where she fed, watered, treated homeless people. For us Orthodox Christians is, of course, an example to follow. But if we talk about her canonization, this question is now irrelevant. For one simple reason: when we canonicorum person, we approach him in prayer (asking the help of us — ed), and do not pray about it. But there is no man who does not sin, living life. And the only way, probably, to clean from sins the soul of a deceased person is a prayer of the Church on earth for her, the creation of good deeds in her memory. If we now glorify as saints, you are depriving her of the opportunity of prayer of the Church of Christ, the earth, which she had. So it’s not that we don’t want the fact that we can harm, and the principle of every doctor you know, do no harm. Will come, maybe time, and by the grace of God come to pass what you say.

— Rapid cases, I have not seen, it usually takes several decades of research, get some knowledge. Most important here is that it should be the initiative of the parishioners themselves, they have her name in their minds and hearts to «make». In this case, here is the glorification of blessed Matrona – this is the popular glorification, the Church, in General, just stated the fact that, Yes indeed, it is the Matron Saint. We saw what happened in different cases of healing from diseases that people felt her prayerful assistance. Coming to the grave, they really felt that what was asked for. Probably it is important that the people themselves take their attention, love and memory. Because we are often talking about a man in the first days after his death, and 40 days, six months, a year, and all. Let’s a year to meet and ask, what is the memory of Elizabeth Glinka? Now everyone’s talking about it, but what happens next? Therefore, if people wish, do keep the memory of it, do in honor of her good deeds, pray for her now, and then God will make sure that it will probably be canonized.

— What qualities must a person have in life to be able to put the issue of his glorification among the saints?

— Let us say so, he must be a Christian. The glorification among the saints is in any case not earthly act, it is a coincidence which, I guess, bless the Lord. Everything is done to ensure that we, the people, United and glorified man. In this case, we can of course quickly to do it, but why? We’re hurt. You can write a posthumous award, for example the Hero of Russia, that should be enough. And what concerns the faith, the spiritual component, it’s just not the same parameters of our earthly thinking. Here is not suitable.

And all were examples such as the Saint Luke the Warrior-Yasenetsky, blessed Xenia of Petersburg. They are all fast enough, was canonized.

— Well, too, because a few decades have passed. So if Dr. Lisa famous that people are turning to it, will get something, then it will be possible to consider it at the level of the Church of Christ. Now we mourn, now we have regret about what happened, we want to do something in her memory. No need to rush why.