The Greek foreign Ministry officially confirmed the death of Ambassador in Brazil

The Greek foreign Ministry officially confirmed the death of Ambassador in Brazil© REUTERS/ Ricardo Moraes

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Greece has officially confirmed that the Greek Ambassador in Brazil Kyriakos Amiridis died; a statement of the press service of the foreign Ministry.

«The Brazilian authorities have just officially announced the identification of the corpse by the Greek Ambassador in Brazil Kyriakos of Amiridis who found charred in the area of Nova iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro,» the statement reads.

«We Express our deep sorrow at the tragic death of Ambassador Amiridis, a friend of Brazil, who throughout his diplomatic career, he served Greece conscientiously and responsibly. He served in the permanent mission of Greece to the EU, the General Consulate in Rio de Janeiro and Rotterdam, in the Greek Embassy in Belgrade during the first phase of the war in Yugoslavia,» — said the foreign Ministry.

Amiridis was Ambassador of Greece in Libya. Under uncontrolled violence he, in particular, played a decisive role in the evacuation of the Greek Embassy and Greek, as well as thousands of third country nationals from Libya in the summer of 2014, the report said.

The foreign Ministry said the Ambassador’s contribution to the organization of the international conference «Religious and cultural pluralism and peaceful coexistence in the middle East» in Athens in October 2015.

«Political and administrative leadership, colleagues in the Ministry of foreign Affairs expressed condolences on the untimely passing of our dear friend and colleague, expressed his sincere condolences to his relatives», — stated in the message.

Amiridis went missing on 26 December in Rio de Janeiro, where he went on Christmas vacation with his wife, Brazilian in origin. She was reported missing, and in the course of the investigation, according to media reports, it became clear that she was involved in the death of 59-year-old husband.

According to police, the Ambassador’s wife françoise and police Sergio Moreira, with whom she was «romance», organized and may themselves have committed the murder of Aniridia in the house, which was rented by the couple. Investigators found blood stains on the couch in the house of the Ambassador and his wife.

As reported by local TV station Globo, the police interrogations confessed to the murder first, 29-year-old Sergio Moreira, and then the wife of the Ambassador has admitted to involvement in his death. According to media reports, surveillance cameras captured how Moreira took out the body of the Ambassador from the house and loaded him into the car. The car was then burned.

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