The Patriarch called the outgoing year has been one of the most complex in the XXI century

The Patriarch called the outgoing year has been one of the most complex in the XXI century© RIA Novosti. Gregory to Sysoeva the image Bank

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, Kirill said that 2016 was one of the most complex in the XXI century, but thanks to him, Russia has gained special experience of overcoming of sorrow, and her people became stronger.

«It was one of the most difficult, at least in the XXI century in our history. Know very well what formidable, challenging events we’ve been through… can’t shake the feeling that this year will not weaken our people, our country, not weaken the Orthodox faith and the Church. So often it happens that people, rushing to some goals and reaching them through the obstacles associated with great dangers to health, life, often not without loss and difficulty, feeling stronger. Because acquired a special experience — the experience of overcoming of sorrow,» — said the Patriarch on the Saturday before new year’s prayer service at the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

According to him, the country «has gone through a year where everything was», and his last days especially «burned with sorrow the hearts of the majority of our people.»

«We prayed for the repose of the murdered the Russian Ambassador, for the victims of the plane crash… and now pray do not forget what happened to us. We, of course, as a country, as a people, as a Church are all at the mercy of God is stronger», — said the Primate of the Russian Church.

He also noted that the past year was a year of undoubted growth of religious consciousness in Russian society. «When visiting the many corners of Russia, I can see how to really change the spiritual life of people, and it is connected not only with the appearance of new churches, but with the way people perceive the truths of faith, with what facial expressions they pray, what joy comes upon these individuals while touching the Holy places,» — said the Patriarch.

In his opinion, the Church is still a lot of work associated, in particular, and with the Church people, but now «there is an understanding that we are on the mercy of God in the right way.»