The people around trump said that he is «not friendly» with modern technology

The people around trump said that he is «not friendly» with modern technology© 2016 AFP/ Robyn Beck

Elected President of the United States Donald trump is experiencing difficulties in handling modern technology and prefer more conservative ways of obtaining information, reports Politico, citing his entourage.

According to the newspaper, aides the future head of the White House said that had never received emails or text messages from trump. According to friends policy, a 70-year-old billionaire prefers the electronic device to the printed press.

According to the publication, trump one would like to thank the journalist Eric Ericson for a flattering article about him, but instead of the usual all e-mails he wrote it by hand, after which his assistant scanned the note and sent to the recipient via e-mail.

«He’s the only person who sent me an email like this. He believes that email is a distraction» — the newspaper quoted the words of Erickson. He also added that trump always reads emails in printed form, annotates and sends them back to PDF format.

A longtime friend of trump, Roger stone noticed that the future leader of the United States, until recently, used the so-called messengers, the peak of the popularity which came in the 1980-ies. «He’s very old-fashioned,» said stone, however, stressing that trump is «obsessed with Twitter».