The state Duma has proposed to strengthen the supervision of taxi services

The state Duma has proposed to strengthen the supervision of taxi services© RIA Novosti. Artem getinitiated to the photobank

Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region made on Saturday to the state Duma a bill that proposes to regulate the work of dispatching taxi services and to impose penalties for passengers without permission, from the database of the lower house of Parliament.

In the explanatory note indicated that the work of taxi drivers is directly connected with the services order taxi (dispatching services) which affect the process of organization of carriage of passengers, but do not have a particular status, are in the «informal sector». «These services in an organized and massive scale transmit orders to passengers as persons, in the prescribed manner received permission to activity implementation on transportation of passengers and Luggage an automobile taxi, and the hundreds of thousands of drivers who are not individual entrepreneurs and do not have permission for this activity», — stated in the materials.

Regional parliamentarians noted that the activities of the service of ordering taxi does not have a special regulation on the level of Federal legislation, there is no effective monitoring mechanism, the responsibility of dispatching services for the transmission of orders «illegal taxi.» «Moreover, the specified service by setting the maximum price of the trip form the tariffs, dumping prices on the market of transportations of passengers and Luggage automobile taxi. In this situation a legal taxi drivers do not have the opportunity to compete with persons engaged in illegal taxi service», — stated in the document.

In the legislative Assembly propose to introduce in the Code of administrative offences a new article, under which a business activity on transportation of passengers and Luggage the automobile vehicle without permission could face a penalty of 30 thousand rubles. For repeated violation the driver proposed fine of 30 thousand rubles with deprivation of rights for a period of three to six months.

For the transfer of the order for transportation, taxi drivers do not have a permit, to establish a fine for officials in the amount of 45 thousand rubles. Persons acting without formation of legal entity, on the bill for the violation may face a fine of 350 thousand rubles, or administrative suspension of business activities for a period from 14 to 90 days. Legal persons will be punished by a fine of 450 thousand rubles or administrative suspension of activity for a period from 14 to 90 days.

The bill also proposes that taxi service needs to transmit information about orders only to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with the necessary resolution, as well as drivers who signed employment contracts with legal persons or individual entrepreneurs acting based on permission.