Media: «Kommersant» close issue print magazines «the Power» and «Money»

Media: «Kommersant» close issue print magazines «the Power» and «Money»© RIA Novosti

Publishing house «Kommersant» no longer produce printed versions of magazines «Money» and «Power», reported on Monday the newspaper «Vedomosti», citing General Director Vladimir Zhelonkin ID. The second editor-in-chief of the journal RIA Novosti has confirmed the closure of the printed version.

«The format of the weekly magazines dies, the sale is not growing, and printing is becoming more expensive, he explained: these journals in paper form, in fact, eats all they can earn. But «Kommersant», according to Zhelonkina, wants to increase its EBITDA and is no longer willing to spend money on the paper version of these projects,» — write «Vedomosti».

While online versions of magazines «Money» and «Power» will continue to come out, and a large part of the editorial staff will continue to work, adds the publication with reference to Zhelonkina.

The publication reminded that the «Kommersant» in addition to the same newspaper there are still a few publications are published in paper magazines «the Spark» Weekend and «Autopilot». Their publishing house will continue to produce as they are from the point of view of revenue feel much better than closed projects, the report said.

Chief editor of the weekly «Kommersant Vlast» Azer Mursaliyev RIA Novosti has confirmed the closure of the print versions of magazines «the Power» and «Money». «Yes, the printed version of the closing, remain the online version. The reason, dear seal, which eats up a big part of the advertising revenues in print,» said he.