Fedoseev: not every theater will dare to stage the Opera «Turandot»

Fedoseev: not every theater will dare to stage the Opera «Turandot»© RIA Novosti. Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

The theater must have great courage to stage the Opera «Turandot», said prominent Russian conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev in anticipation of the premiere of this performance in «Helikon-Opera».

Premiere of Giacomo Puccini’s Opera «Turandot» is preparing in the Moscow theater «Helikon-Opera» in the framework of the largest in the history of the international theatre project «Eurasian Opera»; the premiere will take place on 28 January at the hall of Stravinsky.

The project is supported by Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the Moscow Department of culture. Vladimir Fedoseyev is the musical Director. Director — artistic Director of the theatre, the famous Opera Director Dmitry Bertman. With them on the creation of the play worked as a canadian of Chinese origin designer Camellia Koo, lighting designer American Thomas Haase who many productions in the theatres of Europe and America.

«A lot of courage to take this Opera — every theater, every musical house can take that courage and to put such an Opera. First, the party itself Turandot, where the soloist must sing as a soprano and mezzo-soprano. The atmosphere is incredible here love to work, to their singers. The actors are wonderful, the orchestra knows every move», — said Vladimir Fedoseev, for which this performance will be the debut in «Helikon-Opera».

Set designer Camellia Koo carefully introduced Chinese accent in character costumes, stage scenery, subtly beating the connection between the ancient Chinese legend of the cruel Princess and the last Opera by Puccini. She admitted that the work in «Helikon-Opera» became for her a new experience.

«This is my first independent international production, I mainly staged performances in Canada and was a co-author or assistant,» she said.

As you know, the last Opera of the great composer left unfinished, and today there are several versions, added later by other authors. Directors often choose the version by Franco Alfano with a happy ending. «We’re making a statement in the edition of Puccini and finish the performance in the place where he stopped the composer on the death of Liu», — said Dmitry Bertman.