The authorities of Tokyo have initiated a free exchange of conventional light bulbs, LED

The authorities of Tokyo have initiated a free exchange of conventional light bulbs, LED© Fotolia/ vladakela

Residents of Tokyo by the decision of the mayor of the Japanese capital Yuriko Koike, by the summer of this year will be able to change the store two conventional bulbs for one LED energy-saving light bulb for free.

Power Tokyo intend therefore to introduce in the domestic consumption of 1 million LED lamps. They have higher level of energy saving is about 30%, and a very long life – up to 10 years. However, until a serious obstacle for their wide dissemination is the high price – they are 10-20 times more expensive than conventional light bulbs.

The mayor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike initiated the allocation in the capital budget of 180 million yen (about 1.57 million U.S. dollars) to encourage the use of LED lamps with the new fiscal year that starts April 1.

Koike previously expressed the idea that free exchange of conventional lamps with LED have become a «detonator for LED implementation and give people the opportunity to experience their benefits, in particular, energy savings of 30%, which ultimately leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions», according to broadcaster NHK.

Yuriko Koike won the mayoral election in Tokyo despite the resistance of his party, the LDP, has nominated another candidate. She became the first woman to hold the post. Prior to that, she was the first woman to hold the post of defense Minister. From the beginning of his tenure as mayor, she took an independent position on several key issues, one of which was the revision of the budget and plans for the construction of facilities for the Olympics 2020 to be held in Tokyo. Many analysts do not exclude that in the future its participation in the struggle for an armchair of the Prime Minister.