In Yekaterinburg trams and trolleybuses can stop work from-for debts

In Yekaterinburg trams and trolleybuses can stop work from-for debts© RIA Novosti. Constantine Collabourate the image Bank

The Yekaterinburg tram and trolleybus management (TTU) and its facilities from February 6 can remain without electricity, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the JSC «Ekaterinburgenergosbyt» Oksana Bespalova.

According to her, January 19, the company sent a TTU a notification about the possible introduction of restrictions of power consumption mode because of a violation of the terms of payment for electricity. She noted that as at the specified number amount of debt of transport workers was 34.4 million rubles.

«January 31 was entered partial restriction of power supply against the 23 traction substations of emup TTU. When the outstanding debt in full emup «TTU» to 6 February, at the facilities of the tram and trolleybus management may be entered the full restriction of power consumption mode,» said Bespalov.

She added that after January 19 the amount of debt of the University increased to 50.3 million rubles, but the money the workers paid, and she fell to 36.8 million rubles. Thus, according to Bespalova, tram and trolleybus management needs to pay energy approximately 19 million rubles to repay the debt that existed on January 19 (at the time of the «Ekaterinburgenergosbyt» notification).

In a press-service of JSC «Ekaterinburg electric grid company» (EESK) the correspondent of RIA Novosti news Agency reported that it received an application from the «Ekaterinburgenergosbyt», and if TTU will not meet the terms of payment of the required amount to 6 February, part of its traction substations lose power, and, therefore, the city would experience problems with the movement of trolley buses and trams.