The inhabitants of Russian cities take a turn for the «far Eastern hectare»

The inhabitants of Russian cities take a turn for the «far Eastern hectare»© RIA Novosti. Catherine Chesnokova the image Bank

In addition, residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, plans for a «far Eastern hectare» activity of the other building in Kaliningrad, in the Urals and even in Krasnodar. Why southerners, including historically close far East, what opportunities for Russians «far Eastern hectare» and how to apply them properly, told RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation on development of the Far East Sergei Kutaev.

The first of February starts the third stage of implementation of the law on «far hectare» when any citizen can become the owner of land in the far East. According to the law, which came into force on 1 June 2016, the Russians will be able once to receive the free hectare of land in DFO. The site is available in five years, he must be free from rights of third parties and be in free circulation. After five years, subject to the development of land it will be possible to rent or get a property.

According to the Agency for the development of human capital, the results of the first two stages of implementation of the law on «far Eastern hectare» filed more than 36 thousand applications. The far East has received more than 4.8 thousand polling stations, almost as many are at design stage.

Slice Of The Far East

The greatest interest in the «far East one hectare,» according to kachaeva, experienced by the inhabitants of Moscow, Moscow region, St.-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad and Sverdlovsk region.

«The interest of the residents of the Krasnodar territory due to the scarcity of land in the South of Russia. The people there are hardworking. If you remember the Stolypin times, moved to the far East mainly from the South of Russia and Ukraine, from the Ukrainian provinces of the former Russian Empire. Therefore, the interest of the southern regions — namely, to agriculture, to free land resources,» explained Kachaev.

He is convinced that southerners had evaluated the prospects of agriculture in the far East. «There are good climatic conditions. Certain cultures grow very well, for example, soya. And the demand for them is high, as in the Far East, where a large part of the foodstuffs imported, and in the neighboring countries, so the prospects of doing that is agriculture on small plots (one hectare – ed.) is good for the needs of the local population in local products,» explained Kachaev.

The interest of the Metropolitan regions, in his opinion, is attributable primarily to the recreational possibilities of the Far East. «There is very beautiful nature, so interesting access to the various natural objects: the sea, the geysers, the big space — hunting, fishing. Another plus is due to the possibility of realization of some investment projects in the far East. Still, the concentration of financial resources in the Metropolitan regions is high and people consider the far East as an opportunity of self-realization in the field of business,» said Kachaev.

As for Sverdlovsk region, as the region belongs to the list of industrial interest Urals is associated with environmental features, sure Kachaev.

The receiving ha will allow to find a job for the far East. «If there come inhabitants of the European part of Russia, they create jobs for local residents. This is an opportunity to begin work on new businesses, new organizations in agriculture or in the service sector. And also in the sphere of construction, production of construction materials. And then — the operation and maintenance of the business, respectively, are all job opportunities for the citizens – residents of the Far East», — said the Deputy Minister.

New settlements

According to the Deputy Minister, about 20% of the total amount of the collective order. In accordance with the law until February 1, had the right to serve only the residents of regions of the Far East.

«That is up to ten man United, filed jointly, this request received land area of 10 hectares in use. Often the Association occurs not only within the family. People gather to conduct business together, together this area equip. Maybe they have different roles in the development of this area: some money to invest, someone will physically work, someone will serve the objects on it. We see great prospects in the creation of such cooperative forms, and in the future — and separate settlements,» said Kachaev.

According to him, every region has already decided the area where theoretically there may be such a new settlement. «These points are in each region. On Sakhalin, for example, land is concentrated in coastal areas. The concentration of sites is now observed closer to human settlements or major infrastructure facilities, which will be quite simple and cheap to build your site communications,» said Kachaev. According to him, most of the collective applications filed in the Primorsky Krai, Sakha (Yakutia) and on Sakhalin.

The law gives the regions the right to promote the citizens in communication and the arrangement of land infrastructure in areas of concentration received «far ha.» But the regions for the solution of this problem will take time. «Regions and municipalities are planning their activities for several years ahead. They planned transmission lines, roads, they had planned the money in the appropriate program turned these objects. Now urgently need to change these plans. The task of the regions to adjust those plans to include the necessary objects for the resettlement of the new territories,» said Kachaev.

Accurate calculation

To breed elephants or attempt to engage in other exotic activities for «far hectare» no plans. To the formation of business plans for the far East responsibly.

«At the start of the project for us was the news that so many sites take for beekeeping, especially in the Amur and Jewish Autonomous regions. Was the pilot municipalities, in which more than 50% of the sites took it for beekeeping. Steel watch, what is the reason. It turns out all this honey consumes people’s Republic of China. Good with China communication established, so in these two regions, the Far East, the production of honey delivered to industrial rails. Thanks to the law on «far hectare» beekeepers who have received plots in the summer, the first harvest gathered by the fall,» shared Kachaev.

«There is, incidentally, proposals for the establishment of nursery on cultivation of coniferous trees that will help to solve the problem of reforestation. I don’t think it’s something exotic, it’s just an expression of our entrepreneurial spirit. We have people with entrepreneurial spirit. No limits of human choice of the use which he intends to sell («far hectare»). This was our fundamental condition,» added the Deputy Minister.

According to the law, between the filing of the application for hectares and receiving documents confirming the right of today should be an average of about two months. «In accordance with by law twenty days in consideration of the application, then the month to ensure that the citizen has signed the contract on gratuitous use of this site. After that he sends to the authority, the authority signed with his hand and registers the right to use the land,» said Kachaev. Given the hype that the experts Were expecting from February 1, observance of terms of consideration of applications Boudin is on special control.

Resolves the problems that have accumulated over the years

According to him, there is such problem as, for example, the absence in the state cadastre of clear boundaries early surveyed plots. «When you apply from Moscow, you can get to this area on the map it is not. Only the local authority can reveal the imposition of land. In order to avoid failures on such occasions, it is necessary to spend huge work on establishment of boundaries of previously recorded sites and introducing them to the public cadastral map. This work did not do decades, now we are forced to urgently conduct,» said Kachaev.

«The project has shown bottlenecks and colleagues from rosreestra these problems are starting to solve it. At least in the far East will start, then the proposed solution may be applied on the territory of the Russian Federation. In any case, this is a task for a few years,» said Kachaev.
Checks torment will be

To report on how mastered «far Eastern hectare», the numerous commissions do not have assured Kachaev. It is assumed that exactly the same as people applied for getting the land, he through his personal account in the Federal information system will declare how he develops, uses this land, will attach supporting documents.

«In the first year after receiving a citizen can still think of use of the land. After a year he must inform the authorized body about the selected use of the site. Then he has two more years to this land to begin to master, and only on the third year he submitted a Declaration. When this criteria is the degree of development in the law is not yet established,» said Kachaev.

He said that such criteria are yet to be developed. «Relatively clear for those uses where the house is built. We have to show that you did the project, got permission to build that you’ve built and put into operation, you are connected to the electricity networks and so on. This will be enough to say that you have mastered the land. On agricultural land, too, there is a corresponding procedure for determining the development of the land plot. Probably there will be difficulties with the way in which will be confirmed use of land, for example, the beekeeper,» — said Kachaev.

In his opinion, in such a situation it is important to avoid unwarranted seizure of land plots after five years when people actually led some activity in this area.

The refusal must be justified

Not all applicants are the happy owners of «far Eastern hectare». According to him, initially the failure rate was about 35-40%. «Now it dropped to 20%. It was done within a half to two months. Subject to the active work in the regions with the applicants and display Federal information system boundaries unrecorded plots, we can further reduce the number of refusals,» he promised Kachaev.

The principal issue for contenders for the «far Eastern hectares» in case of failure to make sure that it happened legally, he said. «You refuse with the obligatory indication of reasons — reference to the relevant paragraph, article of the law. When your local authority sends you a rejection, there must be stated that, for example, you when choosing a site got on the territory of traditional nature use of indigenous peoples or the field. If you doubt the cause of failure, you can send a lookup request to the authorities of the region, so they said, what documents they relied on in case of failure. You have to answer,» advises Kachaev.

The second solution is the appeal to the Prosecutor’s office, which also needs to verify the validity of the waiver. «Then the Prosecutor’s office looking documents, agree or disagree with the local authorities and notify the applicant of the results of the inspection,» — said the Deputy Minister.

As the apartment

Specialists of the Ministry urge the Russians to take the sites in the far East and even promised to provide all possible support, but remind you of prudence.

«First of all, to the individual to choose the area you need to check where you have created the necessary infrastructure or how it can be built. Because maybe he’s just physically not be able to implement its project at the point where he chose. And maybe just need to adjust the location of the site that will be cheaper and faster to implement the plans,» warned Kachaev.

«We always give an example with the purchase of an apartment. We appreciate the different areas, location of schools, hospitals, shops, find out what the neighbors I live next to. These are all questions that in ordinary life we regard the choice of the apartment set, you need to ask in relation to his land. Is very responsible to this issue to approach, in the excitement not to fall in. Measure twice, then just pick a plot!» — considers the Deputy Minister.

The inhabitants of Russian cities take a turn for the «far Eastern hectare»How to get a hectare of land in the far East