Media: Russian Academy of Sciences consider homeopathy pseudoscience

Media: Russian Academy of Sciences consider homeopathy pseudoscience© Fotolia/ monsieurseb

The Commission to combat pseudoscience of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) advises the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation to withdraw homeopathic medicines from public hospitals, wrote on Monday the newspaper «Kommersant».

The Commission prepared a Memorandum «On the false scientific character of homoeopathy,» which referred to the mechanisms of its intended actions as contrary to «the known chemical, physical and biological laws», noting that «convincing experimental confirmation of its effectiveness do not exist».

The document emphasizes that during more than 200 year history of homeopathy, scientists have sought to bring under it theoretical basis, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

«The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, the Commission advises to bring homeopathic medicine from use in public hospitals, the Federal Antimonopoly service is to protect citizens from unfair advertising their therapeutic properties. In addition, pharmacies are advised not to spread homeopathy in conjunction with traditional medications, and pharmacists to stop recommending to consumers,» writes «Kommersant».

The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation «Kommersant» have promised to consider are set out in the letter arguments and give a substantive response as soon as the document will go to the office.

Earlier, several media outlets reported that the graduates of the First Moscow state medical University named after Sechenov asked the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova with a request to ban the teaching of homeopathy in medical schools. Medical University named after I. M. Sechenov teach the course «Basics of homeopathy». According to students, «the ineffectiveness of homeopathy proven by many studies… At the same time, the use of homeopathy is extremely dangerous, for example, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, etc,» reads the text of the petition on the website