Italian scientists began the search for Nefertiti

Italian scientists began the search for Nefertiti© AP Photo/ Nariman El-Mofty

. Archaeologists and physicists from the University of Turin began to study the walls in Tutankhamun’s tomb, behind which may hide the secret room with the remains of the legendary Nefertiti and other ancient pharaohs, according to the Ministry of monuments and antiquities of Egypt.

«Previous attempts to find a room gave conflicting and incomplete results. We will do our measurements positive or negative, will close this complex and important issue. We will either co-authors of the discovery of the century or prophetic disappointment of the century,» said Portelli Franco (Franco Porcelli) from the University of Turin (Italy).

In early August 2015, the British historian and archaeologist Nicholas Reeves and published on the website potentially sensational article in which he suggested, based on HD images of the walls of the tomb of Tutankhamun in the valley of the Kings that one of them must hide the secret tomb of Queen Nefertiti, his foster mother and wife of the Pharaoh-reformer Amenhotep.

This story attracted the attention of other Egyptologists and the Egyptian authorities agreed to Reeves and his team enlightened the walls of the tomb with the help of radar and other equipment. In February and March, the press published statements by Reeves that secret room he found, each of which was accompanied by the comments of his opponents, such as Zahi Hawass, former Secretary Council of antiquities of Egypt, thinks that Reeves found nothing.

Subsequently, two other groups of scientists from Japan and the United States studied the walls of Tutankhamen’s tomb with the help of radar, heat guns and other tools, checking the calculations and the statements of Reeves. They came to opposite conclusions – scientists have confirmed the findings of Reeves and their American colleagues denied them. As a result, the Egyptian government considered the findings inconclusive Reeves and forbade the opening of the tomb prior to the publication of a new, more complete reports.

Earlier it was reported that the study of monuments of the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt has planned to assign Japanese physicists, however, in December, his leadership changed opinion and switched the project to Italian scientists. The reason for this may be that Porcelli have long been engaged in «physical» egiptologia and in recent years he managed to earn a solid reputation, having ascertained, from which the metal has been manufactured dagger of Tutankhamun and revealing many other mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

In search of the truth

This project, as explained by sources from the world Society of Egyptologists will not be limited to the study of one of Tutankhamun’s tomb, and will include the sounding of the entire Valley of the Kings. The goal of this project, as explained Zahi Hawass, will search the lost tombs of many famous rulers of the New Kingdom, Amenhotep I, Thutmosis II, Ramesses VII, their wives and other wives of the pharaohs.

As noted Porcelli, at the moment their project is facing a typical problem for this kind of excavation – the Egyptian government has not yet given them formal permission to conduct radar studies of the tombs inside and outside.

Italian scientists emphasize that their work will be «non-contact» method not causing any damage to the walls of the tombs and artifacts. The radars of the new generation, according to Porcelli, will allow scientists to look at 10 meters deep into rock and soil, and to find those things that radar 1980 and 1990 just couldn’t see. The end result of these measurements will be the preparation of three-dimensional map of the Valley of the Kings, which archaeologists will use to search for secret rooms and tombs.

«We believe that the data from our Japanese and American predecessors, was interpreted in a very «creative» ways. Need to conduct such studies on a very solid scientific basis. We will use «underground» radars, covering the entire frequency range. Data will be collected for a week, and another two months will need to review them. Everything is ready for the start of the last Chapter in the history of the tomb of Nefertiti we’re just waiting for permission from the Egyptian security forces,» concludes Porcelli.