«Energy» will create a rocket for Sea launch is the Ukrainian «Zenit»

«Energy» will create a rocket for Sea launch is the Ukrainian «Zenit»© Photo: Sea Launch SA

New booster for floating cosmodrome «Sea launch» will be designed and proposed Russian project buyer — S7 Group is used for launches of «Zenith» Ukrainian production, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Director General of the Corporation Vladimir Solntsev.

«I think that in the next four years we will be able to offer the S7 Group a new missile. A timetable for the creation of this media is. It is now clear that it will use the first-stage engine is the RD-171М, as it is now in «Zenith». The second step will be with the use of RD-0124 production of kbkha. It is not excluded that «Zenith» will be used until then, until our new rocket,» said Solntsev.

Answering the question, what is the fate awaiting the project «Land launch», and whether it is closed in the absence of new missiles «Zenit», the head of RSC Energia, said: «the project «Land launch» smoothly into the Russian-Kazakh Baiterek project, only with the use of the carrier rocket «Sunkar».

Earlier it was reported that the buyer of the floating cosmodrome «Sea launch» company «With 7 Space Transportation System», part of Russian S7 Group, received a license to conduct space activities.

The license grants the company the right to participate in international cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes. The license, in particular, LLC «C7 CCC» to do analytical integration of work in support of spacecraft launches from the Baikonur cosmodrome with the use of a space rocket complex «Zenit-M».

In 2016 S7 Group has announced the signing of a contract with Sea Launch providing for the purchase of a property complex «Sea launch». The subject of the transaction are the ship Sea Launch Commander and the Odyssey platform mounted with equipment missile segment ground equipment at the home port in long beach (United States) and intellectual property rights owned by the company Sea Launch, including trademark. The company plans to Commission up to 70 commercial launches in over 15 years.

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