A monograph on the role of Islam in the history and culture of Russia introduced in India

A monograph on the role of Islam in the history and culture of Russia introduced in India© RIA Novosti. Maxim Bogodeeva the image Bank

Presentation of the book «Russian civilization and Islam» Professor Arun Mohanty of the School of international studies of the University. Jawaharlal Nehru was held at the Russian Embassy in new Delhi.

As noted by Mohanty, the monograph is the first comprehensive attempt to analyze the Islamic factor in contemporary Russia, in Indian science. The author of the monograph pays attention to the issues of interaction between Christian and Islamic communities of Russia, the Russian state and Muslims, the role of the Islamic factor in the formation of domestic and foreign policy of Russia.

«If we look at the evolution of the Russian state, we find evidence of a multiethnic and multiconfessional his reason from the very first days of its existence. Islam is important for Russia not because of a significant number of Muslims living here — it is also an integral part from the point of view of national security and geopolitics. Islam plays an important role in shaping both domestic and foreign policy of Russia,» said Mohanty.

Mohanty drew attention that Russia and India have a lot in common and many differences in the context of the factor of Islam. In both countries Muslims are second largest religious group, making the religious minority. The Professor noted that in the history of Russia if there were conflicts between religious groups, almost never had religious riots that have repeatedly occurred in India.

«We have a lot to learn from Russia in the issue of interfaith dialogue. We can learn from each other, which will be beneficial to both countries,» added Mohanty.

In turn, senior Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in India Sergey Karmalito said that the release of the book coincides with a note in April the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and India. He noted that Russia and India will be held a series of festive events, including the anniversary editions of books. In the framework of these activities may be presented and the new book Mohanty of the Russian discoverers of India — «Travel from the Russian Empire to India» which will be released later this year.