Attempt of dispersal: the headquarters of the blockade of Donbass said about the assault of their positions

Attempt of dispersal: the headquarters of the blockade of Donbass said about the assault of their positions© REUTERS/ Konstantin Chernichkin

The organizers of the trade blockade of Donbass, said that their position near the curve of the End stormed by armed men.

According to the national police of Ukraine, as a result of attempts of acceleration of the organizers of the siege three people were injured, 37 were arrested the attackers.

Three victims

The organizers of the blockade said that the attackers «are trying to capture the locomotives with coal and destroy the redoubt».

«Armed titushki (provocateurs — ed.) storm superior forces (5-6 times more),» — said the headquarters of the organizers of the blockade in Facebook. It was also noted that «the police is completely inactive».

«Three victims of the defenders of the redoubt were hospitalized. One with a stab wound, one with a traumatic brain injury and another with a broken leg. Victims receive medical care,» — said in the headquarters.

The organizers of the blockade they consider the incident a provocation «intended to cause armed resistance». In the organization of the assault, the radicals accused the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine. In their opinion, the aim of the attack was to «force the garrisons of the redoubts to use weapons for protection and to obtain «moral» right to «force» the acceleration of redoubt».

Police detained the attackers

In place of the departed investigative team arrested 37 people stormed the positions of the organizers of the blockade. Now police work at the scene, the witnesses are interviewed.

According to law enforcement, medical care provided to the man 1971 year of birth which has a broken leg. The victim alleges that he injured when falling from the train.

«As a result of fighting, several people were injured. Side blockers injured two people: a man born in 1971, received a broken leg when falling from the train, another one born in 1965, is a bruise of the forehead. The victims received medical assistance. The part of the attackers at the moment there is information about the one victim who received a cut from a chainsaw,» the police said.

According to police, unknown persons tried to unlock the locomotive, which was on the railroad tracks, with the result that there was a fight with the organizers of the blockade.

Criticism in Kiev

The leader of the Ukrainian party Opposition bloc, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko has linked a trade blockade of Donbass and the intention of the self-proclaimed DND and LNR to introduce external management at the enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction with the delay in the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

«As soon as the departure from the Minsk agreements and their braking, then began the processes that are constructive not name. This blockade, and «nationalization», and everything that pushes these territories from Ukraine. The process of negotiations in the «channel format» should continue, there should also be a «road map» solution to the conflict and the conditions for the realization of the Minsk Protocol into practice», — said Boyko on air of TV channel «112 Ukraine» on Tuesday.

In his opinion, the trade blockade of Donbass and the «nationalization» of enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction by the authorities of the DNI and LC «alienate» these territories from Ukraine.

«Unfortunately, Ukrainian authorities have not reacted to this shameful event (trade embargo — ed.) because, in addition to the statements of the President and the Prime Minister, no concrete action to end the blockade was not implemented. The blockade is not conducive to the return of people and territories, but rather creates the conditions for their separation. We were categorically against the blockade and waited for the authorities to take decisive action. «Nationalization» of enterprises is the repulsion part of the country and we are also against it,» — said Boyko.

In turn, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said that law enforcers should be given the necessary powers to resolve the situation with the railway blockade of Donbass.

«Let us abide by the laws that are there, and let’s give the powers of law enforcement agencies to recover the situation,» — said Avakov at a meeting with the metallurgists, but did not specify what powers are necessary and who should give.

The story of the blockade

From January 2015, according to the decision of the Ukrainian authorities in the Donbass entered admission. Prohibited the importation into uncontrolled Kiev territory of food and medicines. OSCE observers said earlier that the transport and economic blockade leads to humanitarian disaster in the region, called on Kiev to withdraw it. The lifting of the blockade ─ one of the mandatory items signed by the contact group on settling the situation in Donbass in the package.

Cargo message with uncontrolled Kiev territory of Donbass was blocked at the end of January 2016 by a group of former members of the military operation in the Donbass, among which were the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. They announced that any trade with the breakaway republics is illegal.

The blockade has led to shortages of anthracite, which the Ukrainian authorities were forced to introduce emergency measures in the energy sector with the aim of saving resources.

Later chapters LNR and DND Igor Carpenter and Alexander Zakharchenko said if Kyiv by the first of March will not lift the blockade of Donbass, the self-proclaimed Republic will introduce external management at all enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction.