The head of the FIU doubt that the low premiums will lead the business out of the shadows

The head of the FIU doubt that the low premiums will lead the business out of the shadows© Photo: Donat Sorokin/host photo Agency TASS

The head of the FIU Anton Drozdov doubt that the reduction in the rate of insurance contributions will help to provide for the withdrawal of entrepreneurs from the informal sector of the Russian economy, and considers it more important to provide for stable business rules.

Earlier in February it became known that in the context of the debate on taxes as the main measures to revive the economy in the next political cycle discussed lowering the cost of labor. One of the working versions of the maneuver – to reduce from 30% to 21% insurance premiums and to increase VAT from 18% to 21%. The Ministry of Finance proposed to lower the rate of insurance premiums only due to the contribution to the Pension Fund that I will omit it from the current 22% of payroll to 13%.

«The task that is intended to solve by reducing the rate of insurance contributions, the conclusion of the shadow of all enterprises, we believe it is not obvious. In our opinion, much, benefit from more stable rules that exist. This system is already five years old. We believe that to provide for stable rules of business is much more valuable than ever to change something,» — said Drozdov RIA Novosti on the sidelines of a Russian investment forum in Sochi.

«I think that this issue will be discussed in the government, and we finally see why this idea was born, why it is due to insurance premiums. And, probably, will continue the discussion on this topic,» — said the head of the FIU.