«United Russia» signed a cooperation agreement with the «Northern League»

«United Russia» signed a cooperation agreement with the «Northern League»© RIA Novosti. Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

«United Russia» signed a cooperation agreement with the Italian party «Northern League», the press service of the Deputy from the EP, member of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Sergei Zheleznyak.

«We are confident that most of the problems that exist in Europe and in the world, demanding dialogue wide discussion and search for solutions. In addition, our party can show the other political forces is an example of how should a responsible approach to implementation of international cooperation,» — said Zhelezniak, which quoted the press service.

The MP also expressed confidence that «voters in Russia and Italy want to live in peace, security, tend to have the ability to work and cooperate with all countries and peoples, with full respect for respect for their national traditions and interests».

«Russia is a European neighbour. So it is especially strange that the unique experience gained in our country on counter-terrorism, today, is not used in Europe. We believe that it is necessary to share experiences in all important fields and to develop cooperation with those countries that conduct a responsible policy in the field of security and realization of their national capacities,» — said the MP.