«TransFin-M» asks to recognize as son-in-law of Nikita Mikhalkov bankrupt

«TransFin-M» asks to recognize as son-in-law of Nikita Mikhalkov bankrupt© RIA Novosti. Alex Danceparty the image Bank

The Moscow arbitration court has registered a statement of the major Russian leasing company «TransFin-M», which requires to recognize the bankruptcy of a prominent businessman albert Bakova, son-in-law of film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, follows from the information in the files of arbitration cases.

Bankruptcy Bakova was brought in the arbitration on 23 March. On the same day «TransFin-M» applied and bankruptcy of the business partner Bakova by the largest Russian machine-building concern «tractor plants» Michael Bolotin. The amount of debt Bolotina and Bakova before the applicant company in the court records is not disclosed. The court has not yet accepted the application for consideration.

Concern «tractor plants» in September reported that the Tanks changed on Bolotin CEO, while Bolotin has kept a post of the President of the company. Tanks born on 27 may 1962. Graduated from the Institute of countries of Asia and Africa (ISAA) of Moscow state University. Lomonosov (1984), specialty «international economic relations». Working the concern «tractor plants» from September 2006.

Concern «tractor plants» manages more than twenty enterprises located in ten regions of Russia and abroad. Production activity is represented by five areas: industrial engineering, railway engineering, agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering for special purposes, spare parts and OEM-components.

«TransFin-M» is one of the leading companies on the leasing market of the Russian Federation. The company was founded in 2005, NPF «Blagosostoyanie». By the end of 2016, the volume of new business in the amount of leasing agreements of PJSC «TransFin-M» was 46.9 billion rubles, the total amount of leasing portfolio exceeded $ 277 billion rubles. To date, the company’s fleet consists of more than 58 thousand freight cars and passenger 131.