Spain has asked France to provide access to the recesses of THIS group

Spain has asked France to provide access to the recesses of THIS group© RIA Novosti. Gregory to Sysoeva the image Bank

Judge of the National court of Spain Eloy Velasco asked the authorities of France with the request to grant access to employees of the civil guard to the weapons caches, which gave the Basque group ETA, reports the ABC.

According to TV channel, the judge sent a letter rogatory to France for information about 120 firearms, 3 tons of explosives, ammunition and detonators, discovered in the recesses. It is reported that the Spanish side wants to obtain evidence of various attacks of THIS in Spain, which has so far failed to disclose.

Earlier, the international Commission for the inspection confirmed that the terrorist Basque group ETA gave the French law enforcement authorities a list of 12 weapons caches in the departments of Gers, pyrénées Atlantiques and Hautes pyrénées, through unilateral initiatives on disarmament.

The terrorist group ETA (Euzkadi Ta Azkatasuna, the Basque language means «homeland and freedom») was founded on 31 July 1959. Its victims for all history of existence were about 860 people. In 2011, the ETA announced a «permanent and General ceasefire». In response, the Spanish government ordered its dissolution.