The new head of South Ossetia, Bibilov: from peacemaker to the President

The new head of South Ossetia, Bibilov: from peacemaker to the President© RIA Novosti. Michael Microchimeric the image Bank

The new President of South Ossetia, according to preliminary data of the CEC of the Republic, will be the speaker of the Parliament Anatoly Bibilov.

On last Sunday the election voted for him, according to preliminary data, 57,98% of the votes, and the current head of the Republic Leonid Tibilov – 30%. Turnout is 50% plus one vote. To win, a candidate needed to win more than half of the votes. Official election results will be published within five days.

The President on military lines

Bibilov was born in the capital of South Ossetia on 6 February 1970. At school, he chose a military career: after eighth grade, went to boarding school in Tbilisi with intensive military and physical training, then in the Ryazan airborne school.

After graduating from College is distributed to the 76th Pskov airborne division. Included in the consolidated battalion of peacekeepers in South Ossetia. After that he served in the armed forces of the Republic, commanded a special forces company.

1998-2008 again served in the peacekeeping forces in South Ossetia, this time in the North Ossetian battalion.

In 2008, he took an active part in the hostilities during the armed conflict with Georgia, organized the defense of one of the districts of Tskhinvali, the cleaning of the city from Georgian forces.

In October 2008 he was appointed head of the Ministry for civil defence, emergencies and elimination of consequences of natural disasters.

In 2011, Bibilov has already ran for President of the Republic and then lost in the second round, the former Minister of education Alla Dzhioeva. Soon, however, the Supreme court of South Ossetia declared the elections invalid, and for the last few months of the new voting became President Tibilov.

At the end of June 2014 Bibilov was the head of the Parliament of the Republic. He heads the party «United Ossetia», which has nominated him as a presidential candidate.

The course on Russia

In its policy Bibilov traditionally the representatives of South Ossetia focused on Russia.

«Relations with the Russian Federation may undergo some changes for the worse. On the contrary, we will continue to increase them», — he said after the announcement of preliminary election results.

«The agreement we signed with the Russian Federation, of course, will be complied with and integration into the Russian Federation will go», — said Bibilov.

He previously talked about wanting to join the Ossetian people.

«The reunification of North and South Ossetia, undoubtedly, going to happen. We need to build a strong Ossetia, where you will live comfortably not only favourites, as it is now, but all citizens without exception. Two months ahead of a difficult election campaign, and the most important thing for us is the strict compliance with all provisions of the law. With confidence I can say that I will not fail,» — said Bibilov.

He confirmed this position after the election. «I always said, and now emphasize, that the desire of the people of South Ossetia back into the Russian Federation lives since the separation of the Ossetian people (twenties)», — said Bibilov.

He recalled that three years will be 100 years since the Ossetians live «in different political units.» «I think it is absolutely wrong. In any case… the referendum will be discussing with the Russian Federation», — said Bibilov.

In the sphere of domestic politics, he promises first to establish cooperation between all public authorities.

«This is the most important task because for the last three years we have observed some tension between the branches of government… If you have the order and interaction between the branches of government, and the people of South Ossetia will appreciate it,» — said Bibilov.

Joining is not necessary?

Coordinator of the working group of the Center for the study of Central Asia and Caucasus Institute of Oriental studies, Alexander Skakov believes that, in General, expect any significant changes after the elections in South Ossetia is not worth it.

«At least in relation to Russia» — the expert said in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

According to him, as Bibilov and Tibilov «focused on the best possible integration with Russia.» However, the referendum on the accession of the Russian Federation, said Skakov, is irrelevant. «The accession of Russia depends not only on the will of the people of South Ossetia, but also on the capacity and willingness of Russia. Yet this is not» — said Skakov.

He noticed that the residents of South Ossetia are mostly Russian citizens, have rights, «there are programs of increase of salaries and pensions to the level of the Russian Federation», therefore, against this background, the accession of South Ossetia «is absolutely not necessary and will only create additional problems.»

However, experts believe that the financing of the Republic from Russia will continue. «For Moscow it does not matter who is President, it is important to have everything according to the law. So that was it, so in this case I do not see any obstacles», — said Skakov.

One of the few areas where possible changes — personnel. «Those shots that were in Tibilova, which is largely inherited from former President Eduard Kokoity, apparently, will be replaced, and that’s just fine, because you can’t stay in power too long. There (in South Ossetia — ed.) there are issues of nepotism, cronyism,» — said Skakov.

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