«Fast & furious 8» dismissed «first Time» with the line of the leader of the Russian hire

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Russian sci-Fi drama «first Time» gave the place of leader in the rental action movie «fast & furious 8,» which has earned in its first weekend more than 803 million rubles, reports the portal kinobusiness.com.

Earlier, several of the largest cinema chains appealed to the Ministry of culture with a request to postpone for a week the Hollywood premiere of the picture «fast & furious 8» from the Russian movie «first Time», which does a match. In the end, the Russian film was released on April 6th and the premiere of «fast & furious 8» appointed on 13 APR.

Another part of the franchise gathered 803,6 million rubles, while the «first Time» — 130.4 million rubles over the weekend and 341,2 million rubles for two weeks.

In third place was the cartoon «the Boss is a sucker», which gathered of 38.9 million rubles over the weekend, and 1.4 billion for the month of hire. Another cartoon «the Smurfs: the lost village» earned 15.2 million rubles over the weekend and 222 million rubles for three weeks.

The film «Ghost in the shell» with Scarlett Johansson in the title role was in fifth place with charges at 14.9 million rubles for the weekend and 465 million rubles for three weeks.