Board of MES delivered humanitarian aid to victims of fires in Irkutsk region

© Photo : Ministry of emergency situations of Russia across the Irkutsk allactiontrade fire service of EMERCOM of Irkutsk region on the site of the fire. Archive photoBoard of MES delivered humanitarian aid to victims of fires in Irkutsk region© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia in the Irkutsk region

The An-74 aircraft delivered to residents of the Kirensky district of the Irkutsk region affected by forest fires, about 1.5 tons of humanitarian aid, reported on the website EMERCOM of Russia on Sunday.

«Today a plane An-74 of the Siberian regional centre was taken from the city of Irkutsk in kirenskiy rayon humanitarian cargo, collected by the Ministry of social development, custody and guardianship of the Irkutsk region in cooperation with the Red Cross», — stated in the message.

As told in Department, rescuers brought the clothes, bedding, warm clothes, food and other necessities. All affected residents Kirenskogo district will receive about 1.5 tons of humanitarian aid, said in the MOE.

In addition to the special humanitarian flight, aviation of EMERCOM of Russia are involved in elimination of forest fires and protection of localities of the Baikal region. The be-200 aircraft makes emergency plum of water in the area of Angasolka slyudyansk district, the Board Il-76 returned from Buryatia, works in Kachugskiy district. The crews of Mi-8 helicopters are monitoring the forest fire situation and deal with redeployment of troops for extinguishing fires edges with the earth.

The twenty-eighth of April, in the village of Bubnivka kirenskom area burned 59 homes from 86. According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was the human factor: the house lit up from-for a squally wind the fire spread to neighboring buildings.