Near Novosibirsk the man wounded three people from a carbine

© Photo : SinodovКарабин Saiga. Archive photoNear Novosibirsk the man wounded three people from a carbine© Photo : Sinodov

Previously convicted man near Novosibirsk have shot from a carbine «saiga» three people prosecuted for attempted murder, said on Sunday the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the region.

The management explained that the evening of 29 April 2017 in the yard of one of houses in the village of lake in the Novosibirsk district of the seven young men was roasting meat. Around 23.00. came drunk 32-the summer local resident and asked to take him to the company, and received consent. Around midnight, the men decided to leave and asked the guest to leave, which he regarded as disrespectful and decided to take revenge.

«The attacker went into his house, where he took a tetravalent firing smoothbore shotgun «saiga», loaded it with four cartridges and returned to the neighboring household. At this time, the company rested men at full strength was on the road at home, because two of them intended to go on the arriving taxi to the residence. Approaching young people at a distance not more than 10 meters, the attacker began to produce them with guns aimed shots», — told in the UK. The man wounded three and left for home.

Now the shooter has been apprehended and charged. His guilt he did not recognize, from testimony refused. Found that earlier he was convicted for committing extortion. A criminal case under article «attempt at murder of three persons.»

The injured men were taken to hospital, two of them were placed in the hospital. 2 the court may consider the issue of the arrest of the suspect.