Professor from Latvia told about the benefits of creating a quantum computer

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The creation of the quantum computer is interested in intelligence because it will allow you to hack almost all existing ciphers, said in an interview to the Latvian radio Baltkom specialist at quantum computers, Professor, University of Latvia Andris Ambainis.

«Dilemma, which was with the scientists who created the nuclear bomb, in a milder form is present and scientists working on quantum computer. Millions of people he will not destroy, but it can crack ciphers. If he had intelligence, they could hack into almost everything,» said Ambainis in an interview with radio Baltkom.

According to him, in the scientific community there are rumors about «secret projects» in the United States.

«There are rumors that there are secret centres where they developed a quantum computer. There are working scientists who then disappear from the scientific community. I think that they are working on this task. I learned one of the (military) institutions said that if you decide to stay in America, then we will be able to bring you in. But I’m not interested,» he said Ambainis.

According to him, among the scientists who worked during the creation of the atomic bomb, and in the modern scientific environment, a lot of pacifists.

«Among scientists has been very outspoken pacifists, who were engaged in, for example, pure mathematics, but left the institutions when they learned that they are funded by the military. One example is the French mathematician Grothendieck. He left the Institute in Paris when he learned that there is a money war. Although he had been doing abstract things and directly related to military projects had not. I am a theorist, I don’t need equipment; we need the money for my salary, pencil, paper and a text editor in a standard computer. I still like it in Latvia», — said Ambainis.

Full universal quantum computer is a hypothetical device, the possibility of the construction of which is associated with a serious development of quantum theory in the field of many particles and complex experiments; developments in this area are associated with the latest discoveries and achievements of modern physics. At the moment, was practically implemented only a few of the experimental system, performing fixed algorithm little difficulty.