Books of may: stories about Petersburg and fiction about the Second world war

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A collection of stories about St. Petersburg «In St. Petersburg to live», the autobiography of a woman who struggled with depression and tamed a bird of prey, inspired by the archival documents of the Roman Sasha Filipenko «Red Cross» and a rethinking of the major events of the Second world war, of unsurpassed inventor Michael Chabona – these books are among the new products that can attract the reader’s attention in may.

«Red cross»

Journalist and television writer Sasha Filipenko made his debut in literature with his book «Ex-son» is about a boy that had lain in a coma for 10 years, and received in 2014 the «Russian award». Last season, his brief but intense affair «Baiting» was a finalist in the «Big book». Filipenko writes extremely restrained, concise, simple language telling sometimes do terrible things. Equally shocking story awaits readers in the «Red Cross», which is published in the publishing house «Time».

Within one story, the author combines the uncomfortable topics of our time, and the narrative, partly documentary, makes highly relevant the reflection on the agenda. The author calls the «Red Cross» a historical novel to write Filipenko was inspired by archival documents. History of the people’s Commissariat of foreign Affairs and the International red cross during the war becomes the background and the compelling power of influencing the fate of the characters.

«Peter live»

In «the editor Elena Shubina» give your manuscript almost all the stars of contemporary Russian prose that are not willing to talk about your favorite city or important place, which left a lasting impression. Last fall, readers got the opportunity to see Moscow through the eyes of Dmitry Bykov, Ludmila Ulitskaya, Evgeny Bunimovich and other authors. This time the famous St. Petersburg citizens, not just writers, but actors and singers will speak about St. Petersburg, its routes, courtyards, wells and channels, famous palaces and other iconic locations.

The unique history Eugene Vodolazkin, Boris Grebenshchikov, Elizabeth Boyar, Andrei Bitov, Mikhail Piotrovsky will transform the familiar Northern capital in a strange literary space. To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city on the Neva river will allow watercolor paintings by artist Lisa Storm. In the design of the cover is used, the etching by the famous artist Mikhail Shemyakin.

«I» means hawk»

Naturalist, historian and University Professor Helen MacDonald from his youth was fond of falconry. It is not surprising that this occupation has allowed her to survive the death of the father. Trying to get out of the deepest depression, she took home the hawk-vulture named Mabel and ceasing all contact with the outside world, tried to tame a wild bird. Experiences were reflected in the autobiographical book «Ya» means «hawk», published by «AST» translated by Nina Gutowski. The novel became one of the main events of the English literary world in 2015, the jury of the prestigious award Costa declared it the best work of the year. MacDonald skillfully weaves the story of their relations with the rebellious creature and a fascinating observation of wildlife with little-known facts of the biography of the writer Terence Hanbury white, which also at one time tried to tame the hawk. The author admitted that writing a novel allowed her to finally «say goodbye to dad» and then come back to life.


American Michael Chabon childhood dream to be a writer: your first novel «Mysteries of Pittsburgh» (1988), made him a celebrity, he wrote are still a student. In the late 1990s Saban became fascinated with comics, turning his hobby into a fascinating book about the history of the XX century – «the adventures of Cavalier and Clay» (2000). For this novel he was awarded the Pulitzer prize. Following an undoubted success – a psychological detective story in the genre of alternative history – «the Union of Jewish policemen» (2007) won him both a fantastic main prize – «Hugo» and «Nebula». However, after 2008 works Sabana in the Russian language did not come out.

The new novel «Moonlight» (having nothing to do with the same film-the winner of the award «Oscar») is set during the Second world war. The hero of the family Saga tells about the life of his grandfather and his grandmother, the hunt for giant snake, the prosecution of fugitive Nazi and even the construction of rockets. In «Moonlight,» published in Russian by publishing house «Azbuka-Atticus» in the Ekaterina Dobrokhotova-macavoy, Chabon offers his unexpected interpretation of many high-profile events of the XX century, leaving the reader to deal with fiction and reality alone.

«Remains with me»

Another Pulitzer prize winner, Wallace Stegner (1909 – 1993), in his work devoted to protecting nature. He believed that it is the source of spiritual and physical powers of man, and devoted to his idea of the classic essay «a Letter about the wild.» His last novel called «Stay with me» American has written about 30 years ago, but in Russian the book has appeared only now, thanks to the publisher Corpus and translator Leonid Motyleva. The protagonists are two married couples. Life asks them difficult questions, over and over again puts them in front of a difficult choice, offering a step towards a career or creativity. Through the trials that befell each of the participants in the drama, Stegner gradually reveals to the reader the complexity and diversity of family life, and friendship.