Jean-Marie Le Pen said that plus Macron that he «did nothing»

© AP Photo / Claude Roget for the French presidency Emmanuel macronJean-Marie Le Pen said that plus Macron that he «did nothing»© AP Photo / Claude Paris

The father of the leader of the French party «national front» marine Le Pen and founder Jean-Marie Le Pen believes that his daughter is more likely to fulfill campaign promises than any other candidate for the French presidency — the leader of movement «Forward,» the former Minister of the economy Emmanuel Makron.

Sunday, April 23 in France passed the first round of presidential elections. For the post of the head of state claimed 11 candidates. According to final interior Ministry figures, in the first round of the macron scored 24,01% of the votes, the candidate from the party «national Front» marine Le Pen is 21.3%. They came out in the second round, which will take place on 7 may.

«Macron is read, the second Hollande, the only advantage of which is that he haven’t done anything yet, and it is difficult for anything else to criticize. Marine Le Pen is the mouthpiece of the opposition, which has already felt its power. And we see that this force is growing from year to year. Marine Le Pen more likely to fulfill their promises than the Macron,» said Le Pen in an interview with NTV television.

According to him, marine Le Pen chose France and the French, and Makron — globalization and ultra-liberalism. Jean-Marie Le Pen also said that watching the election campaign of her daughter, whom, in his opinion, it held firmly and safely.

«I would call it a «poor campaign», so the chances of marine Le Pen in the second round considerable. She copes herself. She has her own mission — to save France and the French. This is its historic mission and a chance for France. Just do not think that it is some kind of Joan of Arc. Jeanne at the age of 19 have died,» — said Le Pen.

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Jean-Marie Le Pen said that plus Macron that he «did nothing»© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid photomontage in the first round of presidential elections in France