Merkel opposed the abolition of dual citizenship in Germany

© RIA Novosti . Alex Vitvitskiy in fotoracconti of Germany Angela Merkel. Archival photoMerkel opposed the abolition of dual citizenship in Germany© RIA Novosti . Alex Vitvitskiy the image Bank

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel opposed the abolition of dual citizenship in the country, the head of the German government, said in an interview with the newspaper Berliner Zeitung on Wednesday.

«The theme of the campaign, as in 1999, will not be dual citizenship», — said Merkel, adding that he sees «a direct connection with the referendum» in Turkey and possible changes to German immigration laws, while «the question of citizenship is Central to a good integration in Germany».

Relations between Turkey and the EU have become aggravated after the authorities of Germany and the Netherlands have banned the statements of the Turkish Ministers to the voters of Turkish origin on the eve of a referendum on the package of amendments to Turkey’s Constitution.

The referendum took place on 16 April, according to preliminary data, narrowly won by supporters of the transition to a presidential Republic. In particular, in Germany more than 60% participating in the vote, Turkish citizens voted for the initiative of President Tayyip Erdogan.