Sergei Shnurov recognized saints. Have pastafarian

© RIA Novosti . Alex Danceparty in photobacteria CordsSergei Shnurov recognized saints. Have pastafarian© RIA Novosti . Alex Danceparty the image Bank

Followers of the Church of the flying spaghetti Monster (pastafariantsy), the recognized leader of the musical group «Leningrad» Sergei Shnurov his saints.

«Forever pastellblau you, dear believers, the eating of sacred meals to the songs of the Holy and blessed Sergei Shnurov,» says on page pastafariantsev St. Petersburg in a social network «Vkontakte».

The reason for the «canonization» was one of the songs of the artist, dedicated to the instant noodles. In Russia pastafariantsy created the organization «Russian pastafarianskaya Church.» Nizhny Novgorod branch of the «Church» was not even registered with the justice Ministry as a religious organization.

«Thank you for the honor,» replied the Cords in his Instagram.

Pastafarianstvo — the religion founded by Bobby Henderson in 2005 in protest against the decision of the Department of education of the U.S. state of Kansas, demanding to enter the school course the concept of intelligent design as an alternative to evolutionary theory.
Henderson declared that he believes in a supernatural Flying spaghetti monster, like the pasta and meatballs, and calls for the study of the faith in schools. Followers began to call themselves pastafariantsy (word game based on the Rastafarians and the Italian word «pasta»).
According pastafariantsev today in the world there are only about five people, which had had formal structures in their countries to appear in the photo in the documents with a colander on their heads. The first and most famous is an Austrian politician and businessman Niko ALM, won a national driver’s license with a photo.