A gas explosion in Volgograd: three dead, rescuers apart the rubble

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Pragapati in fotoracconti MOE on a place of explosion of household gas in an apartment building in Volgograd. Archival photoA gas explosion in Volgograd: three dead, rescuers apart the rubble© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Pragapati the image Bank

Criminal case under article «performance of works or rendering services not meeting safety requirements» instituted after explosion of household gas in an apartment building in Volgograd, in which three people were killed and 10 injured.

According to preliminary data, explosion of household gas has occurred due to unauthorized work outside of one of the companies that planned to join the conduit, thereby violated the pipeline with gas, and after the accumulation of gas exploded. Authorities in Volgograd region to decide the question of compensation to tenants, which as a result was partially destroyed, the occupants of the house were evacuated and placed in temporary accommodation. On the spot continue to work rescuers.

On-site emergency

The message about the collapse of the apartment house №60 on University Avenue arrived to rescuers on Tuesday at 13:06 GMT. Currently they are working at the scene, planning to clean up the mess before the «last brick» to ensure that no people, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the operational headquarters on the spot.

In the analysis of the structure of the house rescuers periodically announce «minutes of silence». The place of the accident continues to work interagency operational headquarters, headed by the Governor of the Volgograd region. There’s also psychologists of the center of medicine of accidents.

Also sent to the region for equipment diagnostics building. In particular, from Rostov to Volgograd directed professionals with the diagnostic complex «Struna» that will allow you to examine the building and to establish its suitability for further accommodation.

He said that now are carried out quickly-investigative actions, during which will be set true causes and culprits of the accident.

At the same time representatives of Vodokanal deny that had worked at the site of the explosion at home. «On an explosion place employees of the Utility, no work was carried out. Just in case our staff after the explosion arrived at the scene,» — told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the «Water Concession».

«Investigators are interviewing all the witnesses, residents and all who is related to the production of works in which result, most likely, an explosion occurred. There were workers from several services: led tubing for connection to city networks of water supply and damaged a gas pipeline, because questioning everyone,» — said RIA Novosti the representative of SU IC in the region.

Residents were evacuated, the issue of compensation is resolved

The occupants of the partially destroyed houses in Volgograd, lived in temporary accommodation on the territory of the hotel and school, the authorities of the Volgograd region will determine the amount and manner of compensation to the tenants.

«The question of the allocation of compensation is decided. All the necessary forces and resources the authorities have. The order of acquisition, amount of compensation and the number of those who can get compensation will be determined later,» — said the representative of the regional administration.

According to authorities, to bring down the house built in 1958, there were more than 90 people. According to a source in emergency services of the region, the house was 97 people, including six children. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the building has 45 apartments, 16 of which are damaged by the explosion. In the damaged apartments lived 24 people, including one child.