Forbes magazine made a rating of the most successful Russian Directors

© RIA Novozhilova page on the screenForbes magazine made a rating of the most successful Russian Directors© RIA Novosti

Timur Bekmambetov has topped the list of the most successful Russian Directors of Forbes magazine.

Most cash have became Bekmambetov’s movie «wanted» (2008), and the total financial result of the Director, also known for the films «Night watch» and «Tree» is estimated at 430 million dollars.

The second place in list Forbes was occupied by Levan Gabriadze, the most profitable pattern which is recognized as the Thriller «Remove from friends». Third place — Fyodor Bondarchuk with the most cash films «Stalingrad».

In the list of the 20 most successful Russian Directors also included Nikolai Lebedev («Wolfhound»), Dmitry Dyachenko («what men still talk»), Zhora Krizovnicka («Bitter!»), Marius Weisberg («Love in the big city — 3»), Sarik Andreasyan («Office romance. Our time»), Andrei Kravchuk («Admiral»), Kirill Kuzin («the best film»), Anton Megerdichev («Metro»), Dmitry Kiselyov («first»), Peter Buslov («Vysotsky. Thank you for living»), Oleg Stepchenko («Viy 3D»), Roman Prygunov («duhless»), Alexander Voitinsky («Jungle»), Rezo Gigineishvili («Heat»), Gleb Orlov («Our Russia. Eggs of destiny»), Maksim Pezhemskii («Love-carrot — 2»), Alexey Sidorov («shadow Boxing 3D: final round»).