Russian Directors from the list of Forbes commented on the estimates of the magazine

© RIA Novozhilova page on the monitor screen. Archival photoRussian Directors from the list of Forbes commented on the estimates of the magazine© RIA Novosti

Russian Directors included in the Forbes list, consider the calculations of the journal is not entirely correct, since the American edition took into account box office films in the U.S. dollars.

Previously on the website of Forbes magazine published a rating of the success of Russian filmmakers, led by Timur Bekmambetov. According to published data, the highest grossing film Bekmambetov was the film «wanted» (2008), and the total financial result of the Director, also known for the films «Night watch» and «Tree» is estimated at 430 million dollars.

In the top 20 most successful Russian Directors also included Levan Gabriadze («Remove from friends»), Fyodor Bondarchuk («Stalingrad»), Nikolai Lebedev («Wolfhound»), Dmitry Dyachenko («what men still talk»), Zhora Krizovnicka («Bitter!»), Marius Weisberg («Love in big city 3»), Sarik Andreasyan («Office romance. Our time»), Andrei Kravchuk («Admiral»), Kirill Kuzin («the best film»), anon Megerdichev («Metro»), Dmitry Kiselyov («first»), Peter Buslov («Vysotsky. Thank you for living»), Oleg Stepchenko («Viy 3D»), Roman Prygunov («duhless»), Alexander Voitinsky («Jungle»), Rezo Gigineishvili («Heat»), Gleb Orlov (Our Russia. Eggs of destiny»), Maksim Pezhemskii (Love-Carrot-2″), Alexey Sidorov («shadow Boxing 3D: final round»).

«I’m certainly glad that there are in the list, but Forbes believes cash charges in dollars at the time the movie was released, summing up the income from all movies of the Director. But someone 10 of them, and someone three, as I have, that is not quite correct», — told RIA Novosti Krizovnicka.

Agree with him and Sarik Andreasyan.

«It seems to me that these calculations are not quite correct. First, it would be correct to count in rubles. After all, ten million dollars now and ten years ago — a completely different amount. Yes, and we’re shooting in rubles, cinemas paid in rubles, not in dollars. Secondly, in the calculations some movies taken fees only in Russia, others in the world. I would like a single point of reference» — he said RIA Novosti.

Andreasyan expressed opinion that because not all Russian films are released abroad, it would be correct to consider only the Russian box office.