«Salary competitive players in Virtus.pro an average of about $ 7,000»

© Photo from personal archivesgeneral Manager of Virtus.pro Roman Dvoryankin«Salary competitive players in Virtus.pro an average of about $ 7,000»© Photo from personal archive

. Virtus.pro — one of the flagships of not only domestic but also the world of eSports: Dota 2 in late April became the finalist of the tournament The Kiev Major and winner of $ 500,000 prize, the team Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from November 2016 to February 2017 won $ 700,000, and formed in the autumn of last year, the team of League of Legends was the winner of the spring part of the Continental League. Roman dvoryadkin, General Manager of Virtus.pro, talks about the specificity of the compounds, the salaries of the players and marketing in eSports.

— For about ten years I was engaged in sports marketing. In 2007, I worked for a large company producing sportswear and equipment, then for four years worked in the Kontinental hockey League. And a half years living in Sochi, and went to the world Cup (of soccer. — Approx. ed.) in Brazil, working for an English Agency. In the summer of 2016, when I finished work in hockey club «Spartak», I was approached by a major recruitment Agency and offered to meet on employment in Virtus.pro. Honestly, the competitive scene and I was totally not interested — for less overall noise in General. In the end, while my candidacy was considered, I carefully studied this area to understand the full scale and vision for the sector and on the proposal to hold this position especially did not hesitate.

© Photo from personal archivesgeneral Manager of Virtus.pro Roman Dvoryankin«Salary competitive players in Virtus.pro an average of about $ 7,000»© Photo from personal archivesgeneral Manager of Virtus.pro Roman Dvoryankin

That I am very impressed with the guys in ESforce (management company that owns Virtus.pro. — Approx. of the author) quickly realized that it is impossible to create a stable working draft, relying only on footage of the inside of eSports. As it was before? Someone with whom together played in a computer club. One of them started working in an advertising Agency — well, he is a Director of marketing. The second helped configure computers — then it will be technical Director. However, the question about the real qualifications of these people remained open, and I really liked that Anton Cherepennikov, managing partner ESforce Holding, and his colleagues have learned that you cannot extrapolate the success, relying only on the domestic kitchen.

— What was the most unusual in e-sports compared to the classic sports?

The first time I have traveled to different tournaments and just couldn’t believe that all this is happening really. Literally a month and a half after my appointment I have with CS:GO squad flew to new York. Technically I did there Manager to understand the specifics of working, so all seen from the inside. For me, it was no problem to drive to Pasha Biceps (jarosław «pashaBiceps» Jarzabkowski, the most famous players in the world. — Approx. the author) for cold water.

© Photo courtesy of the press service ESforceИгрок Virtus.pro’s jarosław «pashaBiceps» Jarzabkowski«Salary competitive players in Virtus.pro an average of about $ 7,000»© Photo courtesy of the press service ESforceИгрок Virtus.pro’s jarosław «pashaBiceps» Jarzabkowski

I was shocked to discover the number of people watching ten people play a computer game. Capacity, «Barclays center», which held the tournament, despite the fact that one of the stands was transformed into a scene, made more than 15 thousand people, and there was no availability. Now I’m used to it, but then it became the brightest impression.

— What distinguishes a professional athlete from the competitive players?

— How come all these football majors? Take a young man from the schools involved in the work with the adult part, a guy sees a wealthy 28-year-old athletes understand that he wants to live the same way. The competitive players are not so spoiled. From the point of view of psychology, they just want to win, understand that success is not comes. However, among competitive players, a lot of people who remember the days when the main prize for the tournament was not six million dollars, and the system unit, and therefore majorstua take nowhere. They are much more down-to-earth and humble. Yes, they get quite a lot of money, but still not exorbitant.

— There is a view that the prize Fund of the tournament, handled over 20 million dollars, is bad, and money should be distributed differently. What do you think about this?

— I absolutely agree. I am impressed by the position of colleagues from Riot Games (developer of League of Legends. — Approx. author) who say: «if we Can make the prize Fund is $ 20 million? Of course I can. But we consciously make it smaller, not to make five players millionaires». Their policy is to distribute the money more evenly to support players worldwide. For example, even in the CIS region, which is not yet the highest priority for them, players get a monthly stipend of several hundred dollars. These funds are formed from the difference between twenty and five million dollars. That is why I believe that Dota 2 is too unstable discipline. In the same CS:GO not have this money, therefore changes in the compositions occur much less frequently.

— Do I understand correctly that you have collected the current Virtus.pro on League of Legends? How did the process of selection of players? What is the accent?

In that time, players Albux Nox Luna, the strongest teams from CIS, looking for a new organization, and Virtus.pro could sign contracts with them. However, from the beginning we have tried to assemble a team for the future and wanted to conclude agreements with those who will organically grow with us and will in the leading role. The Manager received a clear signal about who we want to see. Our message was this: we wanted to have the hungry to win guys, those who have something to prove.

To assume, what will be the synergy between the players, it is impossible — all depends on how they will interact in real life. Players in League of Legends living together since January of this year, we specially rented for them a house in Nemchinovka near the ground, where the matches of the Continental League. Our goal was to reach the final of the autumn part of the League, and we didn’t think that we will be able to win in the spring. However, the guys exceeded all expectations, I am very pleased with our success.

Can you tell me what are the salaries of players of Virtus.pro?

— Average value — $ 10,000 per month, players in Dota 2 and CS:GO. The players in League of Legends and Hearthstone, obviously, below. If we take the average earnings and considering them, it is about $ 7,000.

«Salary competitive players in Virtus.pro an average of about $ 7,000»© Photo : personal archive Nikita Bacharelato such ESforce? Who are the Na’vi? The future of eSports in Russia
— And how much prize money left for players and where?

Depending on discipline and level of competition, this percentage varies. The average is about 15%. Perhaps we would like to have more, but we follow global trends: there are teams that do not take any percentage of prize money. Prizes are not the main sources of income organizations.

Virtus.pro at the end of 2016, has signed a four year contract with CS:GO squad, which is currently the oldest in eSports: an average of 26 and a half years. In 2020 the oldest player is 34 years — is an age problem?

— We are serious in our commercial organization, and consider only long-term cooperation with the players of the teams. We come to potential partners and say to them: «you Can be sure that in the coming years we will have the same squad as now.» Football club «Roma» has repeatedly extended the contract with as Roma’s Francesco Totti in the «Manchester United» to forty-odd years of playing Ryan Giggs and we do not see risks here. I can see how this structure relates to training, I was with the guys at all the tournaments — they do not drink alcohol, even at dinner and one glass of beer will not take. At the last tournament jarosław «pashaBiceps» Jarzabkowski was a special food that he brought. He paid himself a good gym, because the one that was at the hotel, he did not like. I can see how seriously the whole team is beside the point: they want to prove to everyone that after thirty can play at the highest level.

The situation is Vice versa: when you signed the contract with the player Dota 2 Roman Kushnaryov, he was seventeen. At this age many people just haven’t established the mind — and how they work in this mode?

— In the specific case we had an understanding that the person has a huge potential and it would be foolish to abandon it. Yes, there was a certain risk, in the League of Legends one of the key players are also 18 years of age. However, this is not a bigger risk than signing a player who is 27 years old and whose best days may be behind.

© Photo from personal archivesgeneral Manager of Virtus.pro Roman Dvoryankin«Salary competitive players in Virtus.pro an average of about $ 7,000»© Photo from personal archivesgeneral Manager of Virtus.pro Roman Dvoryankin

— And how do players usually spend money on?

— Children are no different from ordinary people. I know that in some organizations, players often say to managers that it’s money not how to spend: bought an apartment, the parents bought an apartment, the car is great, in old age postponed. The players are younger, Yes, they go to the boutique and buy expensive watches. However, it is inherent in the common human problems: jarosław «pashaBiceps» Jarzabkowski invested in the construction of the house, and the developer was dishonest, the delivery of the house was detained for a year and a half, and he went to court. There are players who know what they want from the money. Those who are from poor families, know what is needed, therefore, together with the family doing a neat investment. For example, the captain of Dota 2 teams Aleksey «Solo» Berezin, together with his wife bought an apartment in the mortgage in Novorossiysk, and now he pays the loan. They are ordinary people with the same queries.

— The players from the CIS different from other regions, e.g. North America?

— I think that there are just some General differences in mentality. It is clear that many Europeans and North Americans peculiar to the Protestant ethic, they have a different attitude to work. They are more responsible and SNG players are often more talented, but not always respect his talent.

— What are the qualities of a player to get into a team like Virtus.pro?

— Of course, dedication and willingness to go to the end in spite of circumstances. Let’s be objective: at a high level you don’t need to sit 16 hours in front of the screen, but to achieve this level are required to bring their actions to automatism. The willingness to sacrifice something for the purpose required.

For some disciplines, which presents your team, is to see ordinary people in the first place?

— Me as a person who was not immersed in the topic of eSports, it is easiest to follow CS:GO. I don’t see a big problem in the potential of violence — everyone understands that this is just a computer game.

— How do you, someone who has worked in sports for many years, I see eSports in the future, what place will he take?

— I do not share the apocalyptic predictions that eSports will remove all simply because in many sports significantly more money. Yes, it will take its enduring place in the entertainment industry as a whole. Now various sports are competing not only with each other: conditional match «Los Angeles Lakers» «Boston Celtics» will compete for audience not only with American football, baseball or hockey, but with the movie and concerts, and large events I try to put in different dates. If to speak about Russian realities, the popularity of eSports confidently walked handball, volleyball and many other disciplines. Will it compete with football and hockey — it may well be that it will be the same order of things, but I don’t see how eSports in Russia will overtake football and hockey.


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