Screening of «on the run» will become a reality

© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Polyaninova on the runScreening of «on the run» will become a reality© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Polyanina

Russian scientists and engineers from the remote sensing Laboratory, Bauman Moscow state technical University named after N. Uh. Bauman has developed a unique technology that allows you to check the contents of the pockets of passengers, «on the run» and in street clothes. Development has no analogues in the world, and will potentially significantly improve the effectiveness of the safety systems.
One of the key issues of public security today is its provision of on land transport and during public events. Airport security using radio scanners were many: it is required to remove outer clothing, to take a still pose. If something «rang» — used manual examination through the feeling. All these operations take time, create queues and traffic jams, annoying. Such security measures if allowed, then only in aviation. That, however, has significantly raised the safety of air transport. And what to do with metro and other land transport, where any, even the 15 second delay, will lead to the collapse and the frame of the metal detector working «on the pass» idea that carries a passenger under clothing, does not?

Russian engineers have developed technology that allows us to see that the passenger is under the clothes and in pockets in the movement. The technology is based on the combined use of radar systems and three-dimensional optical sensor — time-of-flight camera (time of flight (ToF) camera).

Such a system may be embedded in parts of the interior or installed as a Supplement to ordinary CCTV cameras. This will allow, if necessary, to carry out a hidden scan. Another advantage of the system is its low cost compared to existing airport radio scanners foreign production.
Currently, the team conducted pilot studies confirming the effectiveness of the proposed technology. By the end of this year, scientists plan to create a working model of the installation close to the field, which will go to developing prototypes.


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