Shopping for survival. Disabled accused store security in the beating

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Police Chelyabinsk leads the investigation after beating disabled the guards in the supermarket «Prospect.» The shop manual has denied involvement in the crime, despite the victim made a video of the incident.

The version of the victim

At the end of April in the Chelyabinsk shopping centre «Tower», at the supermarket, «Prospect», 41-year-old Added kudymova suspected of stealing. He came to the store to buy cartridges for razor. The price of the goods the man for some reason decided to check the checkout. Cost almost a thousand rubles seemed to him unacceptable, and he returned to the hall to hang the pack in place.

«I was stopped by the guards because of the suspicion that I stole something from the counter, demanded to turn out his pockets to reveal a purse-a man purse. I asked them to call the police. The guards I said sarcastically that I was too smart, twisted my arm and dragged into the back room, where there were no cameras recording. I managed to press phone (button. — Approx. ed.) «video». He was dragged into the room on the second floor, they are three-four, I began immediately to beat hands and feet,» — said Gudimov in local public «Overheard».

The victim also wrote that is the invalid of the second group, «only after two complex surgeries to remove a lung and four ribs» and is recuperating from surgery. From the blows he fell on the floor, searched him, but found nothing and withdrew from the room through the back door.

«Clean yourself up, I saw that I have no purse that was in her purse-the purse,» — says the victim. According to him, there was the sum of two thousand rubles. He immediately called the police, recorded the beating at the forensic centre and appealed to the Prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee.

Three weeks later Kudimov posted a link to a video of the beating in the online community of «Vkontakte» with a request to help spread information to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The victim himself told RIA Novosti that he was born in Tatarstan in 1994 he graduated from Kama state automotive College, got higher technical education in speciality «programmer automatic lines with numerical control» and worked at the plant KAMAZ. In 2013, he was diagnosed with lung tumor, but chemotherapy did not help: «Then I was given the second group of disability.»

However, alert users of «Vkontakte» said that the conflict kudymova did not arise with the local guards, and with RRT — rapid response team, which is usually cause by using the alarm button. Some even felt that the man «talked back and pontovatsya», and therefore «accountable for their insults purely masculine».

On the condition of anonymity one of employees of protection of shopping center outlined RIA Novosti his version of what happened: «both sides are to Blame, but the conflict was provoked by the victim. This was the second challenge to the RRG for a day in the first Kudimov got drunk and started misbehaving, after which it had to withdraw from the building. He insulted my colleagues Mat. Then he re-entered the Mall, took the goods and put in place, and threw it between the rows and again began to call names».

Employees of various chop repeatedly been involved in high-profile scandals. So, in June last year the court of Chelyabinsk has sentenced to the penalty in 250 thousand roubles the Director of a private security company Igor Kalugin in the case of fraud protection organized by the regional government and Governor events. In August he was arrested six employees chop «the Defender», protecting a crime boss Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young). In September the chain of stores «I am» fired the security guards in the store in the Moscow suburb of Domodedovo, which killed the visitors who tried to steal a bottle of vodka. In October lost his job the Director and the Deputy Director of shop «the roundabout» in the East of Moscow, where also beat buyer.

In January employee of the Tomsk chop was sentenced to six years in prison for the beating of the buyer, who later died from his injuries. In March, two security guards of a shopping center in Mytischi beat a teenager who decided to go to office, to them threatens till five years of imprisonment. In may in Yekaterinburg was sentenced to ten years in a General regime colony, the former security guard chop «Caesar-Satellite» which beat two supermarket buyers. One of the victims later died.

Normal store security guard does not possess any governmental authority, including the right to inspect the contents of his pockets or bags, says the managing partner of the bar «starinsky, Cartago and partners» Vladimir starinskij: «somewhere to hold and delay protection can only be the case if they called the police, but this again must be a good reason — for example, the guard saw that you put the item in his pocket. Physical security is only entitled to prevent crime or self-defense.»

According to the lawyer, the guards of the shop «Prospect» can be prosecuted under several articles: for abuse of authority (article 203 of the criminal code) and, if it is proven that the loss of money, robbery or robbery (article 162, and article 161, respectively).

Fellow guards who were involved in the scandal with the Added Kudimova, suggests that hopes for their acquittal by the court:

«They may be sentenced to probation, because the article 203-I definitely have. Guys really are normal, everyone the family. I can’t imagine what they had to say they failed. But now they at best will not be able to settle in protection for another five years.»

In the police Department, «Traktorozavodsky» UMVD of Russia on the Chelyabinsk conducted the preliminary examination. The identity of the people, which have caused injuries Kudymova already installed.


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