The heads of General staffs of NATO countries will discuss the fight against terrorism

© AP Photo / Olivier MatthysЗдание headquarters of NATO in Brussels. Archival photoThe heads of General staffs of NATO countries will discuss the fight against terrorism© AP Photo / Olivier Matthys

The NATO military Committee (the chief military authority of the Alliance) on Wednesday will hold a regular meeting at the level of chiefs of General staff, where he will discuss the role of the Alliance in the fight against terrorism, Afghanistan, strengthening the defences of neighbouring countries and formulate recommendations for the NATO summit, which will take place in Brussels on 25 may.

The meeting, chaired by the head of the military Committee of the Czech General Petr Pavel will begin with a briefing on the situation in the middle East and North Africa.

It is followed by a discussion about the initiatives that the Alliance is called «projecting stability» — we are talking about assistance to the countries outside NATO, to strengthen their power structures and defense capability. In this session we will talk about the role of NATO in combating terrorism, which the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg sees, first of all, in the training of security forces of the countries of the region to enable them to independently provide for its security. Currently, the Alliance, in particular, teaches in Iraq of representatives of power structures of this country.

The second session will be devoted to non-combat NATO mission in Afghanistan, Resolute support, the chiefs of General staff should make recommendations about the future of the mission in 2018 and later. Earlier, Stoltenberg said that the military advisers recommended the Alliance to strengthen the mission for a few thousand people, while maintaining its non-combat status. Decisions in this respect, as stated by the Secretary, to be taken within the next few weeks.

Finally, the heads of General staffs of NATO countries to discuss the allocation of member States of the Alliance, sufficient resources and giving them the necessary to perform the tasks of the Alliance capacity. In addition, it is affected by the progress in the assessment of the relevance of the current command structure of NATO that the Alliance will propose to the meeting of defense Ministers in June.

The results of the meeting would contribute to preparations for the NATO summit on may 25, 2017, the main themes which will be the fight against terrorism and the increase of military spending and fair burden-sharing among NATO allies.


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