The Pope urged Him to respect the life and dignity of every person

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobanka Roman Francis. Archival photo.The Pope urged Him to respect the life and dignity of every person© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Pope Francis in greeting with the inauguration of the President of France appealed to the Emmanuel Macron calling to contribute to building a more just society and safeguard the dignity of every human being.

«On the occasion of your appointment as President of the French Republic, I send you my most heartfelt wishes for realization of your highest tasks in the service of all your fellow citizens» — said in a congratulatory telegram, published by the print service of the Holy see.

The President of France Emmanuel macron has officially joined the authority on may 14, succeeding Francois Hollande.

«I pray God to help you, to your country, loyal to the great variety of traditions and spiritual heritage, including the Christian tradition, would always care about building a fairer and more fraternal society. With respect to differences and listen to people who are isolated and in precarious situations, which will serve as cooperation and solidarity between peoples,» wrote the Pontiff.

«(I pray God) that France continued to promote in Europe and in the world — the quest for peace and the common good, respect for life and the dignity of every human person and all peoples. I call upon the blessing of the Lord upon you, and upon all the inhabitants of France», — is spoken in the text of a telegram written in French.

With the new President of France, the Pontiff brings religious past: the Makron was educated at a Jesuit private school, the future Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, at the age of 21 years he joined the «Society of Jesus», becoming the first Pontiff is a Jesuit.