Scientist: shale oil will be produced in Russia, including Arctic conditions

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. Russian methods and technologies of hydraulic fracturing and shale oil production will be created in accordance with all environmental regulations and the impact of oil production on permafrost in West Siberia and the Arctic ocean, said Timur, Tavberidze, Director of Engineering center of MIPT.

«Certainly, the technologies we develop are created with consideration of natural conditions in the Arctic – ignoring them will not only lead to enormous fines for violation of environmental statutes, but simply will make the oil ineffective. You need to understand what happens to a liquid when driving through warm and cold layers of rocks on the seabed, and now we are working on creating algorithms that would allow it to calculate,» — said the scientist.

These technologies, as explained Tavberidze, are today within the walls of MIPT for the development of the so-called Bazhenov formations and oil shale, a giant reservoir which is formed on the bottom of the sea on the site of the modern Western Siberia in the late Jurassic period. According to experts, «Gazprom oil», the key sponsor of the development of these methods of oil extraction, these rocks contain about 18-60 billion tons of oil.

These deposits were discovered by Soviet geologists in the 1960s, but their extraction is difficult due to the fact that «Bazhenov» oil is contained in relatively thin and almost impermeable layers of shale rock that does not allow you to pump it through traditional methods.

«Gazprom Neft», MIPT and several other research centers and oil companies created two years ago, a technological consortium to develop procedures for the extraction of this oil. In the framework of the Russian geologists and engineers design improved analogues of Western technology of hydraulic fracturing, adapted for use in Arctic climates and allows you to extract hydrocarbons from oil shale with minimal resources.

«In order to assess the environmental consequences of drilling and production of oil, one must first understand what technology will be used – chemical fracturing, thermal or thermo-chemical. How effectively they will work, you need to understand at the stage of laboratory experiments, and only then proceed to evaluate how they will affect the climate and ecology in practice. This is also in the spotlight», — said the scientist.

As added by Kirill Strizhnev, Executive Director of the project «Bazhen» and head of «Gazprom oil» for the unconventional extraction technologies, the development of these technologies and their validation on Polanowska field in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district will be completed by 2021.

According to him, by 2025, «Gazprom Neft» plans to reach the annual production level of 2.5 million tons of hydrocarbons due to the technology developed by Russian scientists, Moscow University «Skoltech», Gubkin Russian state University of oil and gas named after Gubkin, the Moscow state University. Nationwide production of the Bazhenov oil, as I hope the oil will reach 10 million tons.


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