Whom the ticket outlet? The penultimate round CHR on football will take place on Wednesday

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in fotobanka. Premier League. Match Amkar — Spartak. Archival photoWhom the ticket outlet? The penultimate round CHR on football will take place on Wednesday© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis the image Bank

The penultimate 29th round of the championship of Russia on football will be held in one day on Wednesday: CSKA Moscow can theoretically guarantee himself second place, entitling participation in the Champions League qualification, Tula Arsenal may be early to say goodbye to the Premier League and capital «Spartak» will receive the Cup of Champions of the country.

Spartak secured their gold medals on the results of the 27th round of the Premier League thanks to his own victory over «Tom ‘» (1:0) and defeat to the St. Petersburg «Zenith» in a match against groznenskogo «Terek» (0:1).

«Spartak» is on repeat record

«We are very pleased to become the Champions. Want to continue to reach a record (for points in the championship). 72 the same points have? So we can get this season,» said the midfielder «red-white» Alexander Samedov after the victory over Perm «amkarom» (1:0) in the last round of the Premier League. In 1999, Spartak won the gold medal with 72 points, which is the best result in the history of the Championships of Russia (in the 30-match season).

On Wednesday Spartak will play their final games this season home game, the opponent will be «Terek». All tickets for the game sold out, fans are preparing a championship banner, and the main point kolomytseva program will be a presentation of «Spartacus» Cup of Champions of Russia. «You’re always in such a day must prevail!» — told reporters after the meeting Spartak in Perm. «Let’s do that!» — said the defender of «red-white» Georgy Jikia, confident in the victory over Grozny.

Photos of the captain of «Spartak» Denis Glushakov, where he is in the arms of fans, appear in all the sports media in recent days. After the defeat of «Zenith» in 27-m round the captain were celebrating the League title near the Spartak arena, after a victory over «amkarom» the fans surrounded Glushakova, ran onto the field. It is not excluded similar succession of events on Wednesday. «Everything was spontaneous and from the heart, — commented on the situation Glushakov. – I was not asking, everything is fine. With Terek are playing at home, would be a full stadium, you have to please the fans, the audience for the entire season.»

Again relying on Dzagoev

The Grozny team meanwhile have their ambitions in this match. «Terek» struggling with «Krasnodar» and «Rostov» for fourth place and qualification for the Europa League zone. However, the chief coach of «Terek» Rashid Rakhimov for sure will not have problems to motivate the players. «The most difficult teams – the ones who do not decide anything,» said the coach after the last meeting with relegated from the Premier League Tomsk «Tom» (2:1), in which his players were a bit paperonly.

CSKA will play away against Rubin, who seems to have recovered after a seven-match ban series without victories, but in the last round conceded four goals from «Rostov» (2:4). Recovering from an injury, CSKA midfielder Alan Dzagoev previous game against Arsenal (3:0) missed, but before the match with Rubin worked in the General group. «We hope that in the next game he (Dzagoev) will be able to go on the field,» said CSKA head coach Viktor Gancharenko, and then added that (defender) «Aleksei Berezutski has been ruled out until the end of the season.»

Zenit will have a home meeting on «Petrovsky», which was postponed a match with «Krasnodar» to protect the young turf «St. Petersburg Arena» before the confederations Cup 2017. Krasnodar club reeling at the end of the season. In the last three rounds the team of Igor Shalimov scored 2 points in the matches against rivals from the bottom of the table and risks to give competitors a place in the Europa League. «Everyone was excited because tomorrow (Wednesday) will play on a good field, «Petrovsky», — said the defender of St. Petersburg Igor Smolnikov.

The «Zenith» hopes to still move with the «silver» place CSKA. «CSKA must lose points. We must win the remaining two matches. We should be in second place, we have a better team than CSKA» — without excessive political correctness said the defender of «blue-white-blue» Nicolas Lombaerts. «If we win, we don’t need to pay attention to «Zenit». We need to watch how we play and not how other teams» — calmly said CSKA coach Gancharenko. By the way, in the final round of «Zenit» will hold a meeting on departure with Moscow «the Locomotive» and CSKA will Makhachkala «Anji».

Kiryakov is going to beat «Amkar» and «Spartak»

Arsenal need to win the house «Amkar», which, according to the chief coach of «Spartak» Massimo Carrera, deserved a draw in the last game with the Champions, and to wait misfires Samara «wings of the Soviets» in the game with have left the Premier League «Tom» and defeat «Orenburg» in a meeting with decided their tasks Ufa. After all, in the final round visit to Arsenal coming «Spartacus»… «we Will try in the remaining matches to score six points,» shared intentions of the head coach of the Tula team, Sergey Kiryakov. In the infirmary, «Arsenal» has got the goalkeeper Vladimir Gabulov. «He got a knee injury (against CSKA), he could not continue. It is very important to restore it to the last two matches,» added the coach.

Painful defeat from «the Locomotive» (0:4) in 28-m round has complicated «Orenburg» life in the struggle for the preservation of «direct» registration in the Premier League. After the match with «Ufa» team in the last round of the championship will have a home game with the «Rostov», who fight for the fourth position. Similar situation and at «Wings of the Soviets», who lag behind «Orenburg» at one point. The samarians in this round played with «Tom» and a 30-m — with «Terek» direct competitor «Rostov» for an exit in the Europa League.

«Rostov» will play on departure with «Anzhi», which is four points away from the zone of transition matches. The Ekaterinburg «Ural» has the same number of points as Anzhi (30), and it is not yet guaranteed a place in the Premier League for next season. On Wednesday, the Ural team will have the opportunity to get even with «the Locomotive» for defeat in the final of the Cup of Russia, and finally to solve the question by staying up in the Premier League.

May 17

«Tom ‘» (Tomsk) – «Wings of Soviets» (Samara) – 15:00 (GMT)

«Ural» (Ekaterinburg) – «The Locomotive» (Moscow) – 17:30

Orenburg – Ufa – 17:30

«Arsenal» (Tula) – «Amkar» (Perm) – 19:30

«Zenith» (St.-Petersburg) – «Krasnodar» – 19:30

«Anzhi» (Makhachkala) – «Rostov» (Rostov-on-don) – 19:30

«Rubin» (Kazan) – CSKA (Moscow) – 19:30

«Spartak» (Moscow) – «Terek» (Grozny) – 19:30