China released footage of a successful production of combustible ice in South China sea

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China announced the successful experiment to extract from the bottom of the South China sea «combustible ice» hydrate of natural gas. According to representatives of the Ministry of natural resources of China aired on CCTV, commercial production of gas hydrate may indicate a transition to clean alternative energy of the future.
According to the representative of the Chinese Geological survey E Stanley (Ye Jianliang), work on the extraction of gas hydrates from depths of over a kilometre is available from 10 may. During this time managed to produce more than 120 thousand cubic meters of gas.
According to head of the Department of research and energy complex of Russia and the world energy research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vyacheslav Kulagin, speaking about the beginning of the energy revolution is premature.

«The fact that China has been able to confirm the possibility of gas extraction from hydrates, from the point of view of science it is really an achievement, — says Vyacheslav Kulagin. But today the key issue is the economic efficiency of this method of methane production, which has not yet been disclosed. Existing at the moment the estimates for the coming years and even decades to extract gas from hydrates is unlikely to be cost-effective, and the same China does not consider in its strategic documents gas hydrates as one of the main fuels in the medium term. For example, the extensive studies on shale gas was carried out for 35 years before the technology became cost-effective, and the first shale gas was still in the distant 1821 In a situation with hydrates all will become clear, when will be declared the economic parameters of the project.»

«Flammable ice» — a gas hydrate — ice is a crystalline compound formed by natural gas (methane) and water at high pressure and low temperature. One cubic meter of «combustible ice» contains 164 cubic meters of regular natural gas and contains almost no impurities. Estimated global reserves of combustible ice more than twice surpass reserves of coal, oil and natural gas. The largest deposits are off the coast of China. The first successful experiments on the extraction of natural gas from gas hydrates held in Japan in 2013, but later stopped development.