FP: trump intends to investigate the handling of classified information under Obama

© AP Photo / Charles Rex ArbogastБывший US President Barack ObamaFP: trump intends to investigate the handling of classified information under Obama© AP Photo / Charles Rex Arbogast

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump plans to launch an investigation under ex-President Barack Obama’s program for the exchange of classified information about cyber attacks from other countries, including with Russia, said Foreign Policy magazine, citing a source familiar with the situation.

According to the newspaper, this initiative was discussed at a meeting at the White house on Wednesday morning. It is noted that starting this investigation, trump hopes to discover evidence of improper treatment of classified information under Obama and the transfer of these data from Russia and other countries that are not allies of the US.

The next step it is planned to publish information about the investigation, thereby responding to the publication of the newspaper Washington Post, which accused trump in the transmission of classified intelligence information to Russia. As writes the edition, so trump wants to respond to his predecessor, Obama and his subordinates whom he considers involved in the leaks about itself and its environment in the media.

It is noted that the investigation should address the program the Department of homeland security (DHS), which allows companies to share information about potential cyber threats, such as IP and email addresses, to the US government and international partners. A DHS representative explained that before joining the program, the participants are tested. He added that currently there are four foreign partner, but which countries is not explained.

On Monday, the Washington Post, citing anonymous sources among current and former American officials said that trump during a meeting with Lavrov told some sort of information that «put at risk a critical source of intelligence information» is prohibited in Russia and other countries of the terrorist group «Islamic state» (IG).

On Tuesday, the US presidential Advisor on national security Herbert McMaster has called media reports false. According to him, trump and Lavrov discussed the General threat from terrorist organizations, including threats to aviation, but did not discuss the sources or methods of intelligence were not revealed to military operations, which would not be known publicly.